The evergreen problem of today’s world is “pollution”. We can also say that pollution has become a part of our nature. We all know that pollution is harmful and dangerous to our lives, etc.

There are mainly 3 types of pollutions:-

  1. Land pollution-It is the pollution which is caused by throwing waste on land.
  2. Water pollution-It is the pollution which is caused by disposing of waste into water.
  3. Air pollution-It is the pollution which is caused by releasing toxic gases into the air.

The thing that is common in three types of pollution is waste. Waste can be anything that cannot be used again and which are to be thrown away. Anything can be waste from used fuel to used water, from torn clothes to damaged electronics, etc. We release this waste into the air causing air pollution. We dispose of it on land causing land pollution. We throw in water bodies causing water pollution.


Pollution causes a threat to the existence of life. Like air pollution causes acid rains, water pollution causes a threat to marine life. Land pollution causes a decrease in the water table. Not only this it causes plenty of loss of everything.

We cannot stop pollution. It is quite impossible because we use technology and this usage release a lot of wastes. We must dispose of this waste in some other way. So we are causing pollution. But we can reduce it. There are many methods to reduce pollution. Few are given below:


Plastic is an element which causes a lot of pollution. So, by reducing the usage of plastic we can reduce land pollution. Instead, we can use a paper cloth or metal.

plastic pollution
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This can be reduced by walking or cycling for a short distance. We can also reduce usage by using public transport or by car-pooling. By following or using these methods we can reduce air pollution.

vehicles pollution
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In factories, there will be more garbage which is to be disposed of. But if we dispose of it directly in water it causes a great loss of marine life. Instead, if we treat it before disposing of it n reduce water pollution.

water pollution
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Land, Water, Air are the three factors which are essential for the existence of life on earth. So, we must save it from the threat of pollution.


We can create awareness among people to save our planet and our nature. We must thank all the people who are responsible to keep our surrounding clean. We should also try our best to control pollution in many ways. Many people suffer a lot because of no fresh air like Delhi our national capital city, due to lack of freshwater and food like the areas of Somalia and due to lack of good land.

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So, it is our responsibility to keep our nature clean and safe. It is also our responsibility to make life exist on our earth. So, friends, we must keep our surroundings clean, hygienic, disease-free and safe from all kinds of pollutions.


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