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my dream school by vk,

My Dream School by VK

I would like my dream school to work as I wish. The teachers in the school should be passionate about teaching and should love their job. The school’s infrastructure should be mind-blowing, full of plants and greenery. In my dream school, the teaching methods should be different from regular ones ...
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SCHOOL EDUCATION by Vollala Haritha

Every society develops through its education system. Education should be given more priority by people and the government, to build a healthy nation. CURRICULUM:                                                                   Syllabus in languages should develop moral values in children. Panchatantra stories, Sumathi shathakam etc.. type of stories should be there in languages. Social studies should be ...
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our education system by vlr -

మా పాఠశాల విద్యావిధానం – వాగుమూడి లక్ష్మీ రాఘవ రావు గారు

వాగుమూడి లక్ష్మీ రాఘవ రావు గారి వ్యాసం - మా పాఠశాల విద్యావిధానం Essay on Our Education System by Sri. Vaagumoodi Laxmi Raghava Rao we are pleased to publish an article by Sri. Vagumudi Laxmi Raghava Rao (VLR Rao) Garu [the_ad id="134"] Sri. Vagumudi Laxmi Raghava Rao Author Mathematician, Writer, author of award ...
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