SCHOOL EDUCATION by Vollala Haritha

Every society develops through its education system. Education should be given more priority by people and the government, to build a healthy nation.


  • Syllabus in languages should develop moral values in children.
  • Panchatantra stories, Sumathi shathakam etc.. type of stories should be there in languages.
  • Social studies should be taught in their mother tongue.
  • Teaching in the mother tongue helps a student to become a good citizen.
  • We don’t need European history in the syllabus. We should focus on Indian history.
  • The study of the constitution must be taught. So that every citizen knows their rights and duties.
  • It helps to know the rights and wrongs of the political system and government.
  • Maths and Science can be taught in English to help the children for their higher studies.


Value education is there in the co-curricular syllabus. But no school teaches that syllabus. Now the corporate and smart type of schools teaches only maths and science from 6th class onwards. They want their students to get good ranks and seats in IIT’s and medical colleges etc.. It is a very burden on tiny brains of children. Parents are preparing their children as money-making machines. It spoils the family relationships. Parents and educational institutions are not teaching the duties of children. So, children are joining their parents in old-age homes when they became old.


Every child has different capabilities. We should encourage children in their own interests not only in studies. Children should be taught in their interested vocational course from 8th class onwards.


The educational system should develop life skills in children. Life skills are not only money-making skills. Those should help them to lead a life with courage, peace, and happiness.

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Mrs. Harithasri Vollala



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