Does Technology bringing us closer together or further apart? – By Tinotendaishe Machemedze

Over the years, the evolution of technology has cataclysmically attributed to social changes which have had an impact on the general way of living. As a result, it has brought both positive and negative consequences, which we as humans must closely take note of, such that it’s not contrary to the way we were raised. If such an atrocious calamity, of losing our identity due to technological advancement is encountered, we will be on the verge of collapse. But is it inevitable, that we adapt to changes in time? The question still remains. Will technology suppress human fellowship or create an apocalyptic barrier? Will it bring us closer or further apart? No one knows.

Firstly, technology is bringing us closer together from every part of the world. Although we are all spread out in the world technology has enabled us to communicate with our beloved ones, friends, family and all those around.

There is so much distance between us and cannot afford to be visiting each other all the time as a solution to this problem, different gargets were made such as telephones, smartphones, and computers. There are different social media platforms that were created for communication such as Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. One is able to get to know more of your relatives who might be further away from your home country through these social media applications bringing us closer together.
Communication has been made easier for everyone staying in any part of the world. Messages are passed around to all the people as quickly as possible and one is to act accordingly keeping the other person updated bringing us close as there are no grudges between family members. Technology can help to keep the family intact.

In addition, one is also able to get a life partner online whom he or she can actually marry for a lifetime bringing us closer together. Video conferencing or chatting you are able to feel the presence of the person around bringing us closer.

However, technology is also moving us further apart from each other in different ways. There is a limited face-to-face conversation with friends or family around you at that time. This is because people are now always glued on their gadgets busy texting, twittering, Netflix, YouTube and all other sorts of applications that do entertain them which later on turns into an addiction moving us further apart.
Teenager’s technology is destroying our lives as we are now attached to their phones and not family. The relationship between parents and children is becoming weak as most of the time the parents are on their gargets and the children on theirs also so, therefore, no one has time to talk to the other person. This leads to communication breakdown in the family pushing the family members away from each other. It also leads to broken relationships with all other friends. This use of technology is leading the family to move further apart than closer to each other.

People tend to live social media life that is they live a life full of competition trying to fit in. Some things we see might be against our cultures and religion but as we try to copy this will cause the elders to disown you as you will be breaking the rules.

Therefore, in conclusion, technology is bringing us further apart to a greater extent compared to closer together. This is because it is causing relationships to break and breakdown in communications between families.
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Feature image by : by kevin laminto and Kon Karampelas on Unsplash
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Ms. Tinotendaishe Loveness Machemedze


from Zimbabwe

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