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Article Writing Compettion – March-2020

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తెలుగులో చదవండి   Article Writing Competition – MARCH 2020   TOPICS FOR CONTEST : How a Student can utilize Holidays ( Summer Vacation )? How can we Control Pollution in our daily life. Review of a Novel / Book you like. Prize : 3 Best Articles will be awarded e-Certificates. Selected Articles will be published ….  Read More


How a student can utilize holidays by Sanjana

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How a student can utilize holidays   A student generally like holidays. They spend their holidays in different ways. The holiday provides relief for students from studies, discipline. This is an amazing time for the students as they get enough time for enjoying the activities of their interest.  Activities that a student can do to ….  Read More


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HOW TO CONTROL POLLUTION IN OUR DAILY LIFE   The evergreen problem of today’s world is “pollution”. We can also say that pollution has become a part of our nature. We all know that pollution is harmful and dangerous to our lives, etc. There are mainly 3 types of pollutions:- Land pollution-It is the pollution ….  Read More

How a student can utilize holidays? (Summer vacation) by Lohitha

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How a student can utilize holidays? (Summer vacation)….   So, the day had come for what we’re waiting. I guess from tomorrow the summer vacation is going to begin, it sounds very happy right. I think that many of our friends feel that what should we do in the vacation, but you people don’t feel ….  Read More

CAN is the word of POWER

CAN is the word of POWER Book Review by Vamshi Madhav

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CAN is the word of POWER Book Review   Name of the book:  CAN is the word of POWER. Name of the author: Barendra Kumar   About the author : Barendra Kumar is a well-known motivational speaker and he is famous for his book “CAN is the word of POWER.  He is committed to inspire ….  Read More

How can we Control Pollution in our daily life by D.Gunavardhini

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Photo by Kristen Morith on Unsplash How can we Control Pollution in our daily life Before talking about how to control pollution, we will first talk about, what is pollution? As the growth of population is enormous over the last 100 years, there is a huge demand for food, clothing, shelter, transport facilities and other ….  Read More