My Favourite Anime – Doraemon – by R Dhathri

Doraemon is a fictitious character within the Japanese manga and anime series of a similar name created by Fujiko Fujio, the pseudonym of writing team Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.


Doraemon is a Japanese common cartoon that’s drained many languages across the globe.

In this anime series, Doraemon could be a mechanism sent from the twenty-second century, he’s the most character in conjunction with his friend referred to as Nobita, a lazy boy and a duller in class.

Doraemon could be a magical mechanism that has several gadgets in his three-dimensional pocket that may facilitate Nobita solve his issues.

Main characters

  1. Doraemon
  2. Nobita Nobi
  3. Shizuka Minamoto
  4. Takeshi “Gian” Goda
  5. Suneo Honekawa
  6. Dorami


Doraemon refuses to provide his gadgets to Nobita so he will become freelance on Doraemon and not depend upon him whenever he gets into bother together with his friends or in class.

The reason several youngsters love Doraemon is that he will do the magical things that each kid dreams of. Gadgets that may build folks fly swim and do superb things that’s why youngsters love this show.

While Doraemon’s gadgets square measure supposed to be used permanently purpose, Nobita continually misuse them to try and do his prep, cheating in his exams and teasing his classmates

Shizuka could be an acquaintance of Nobita and during this anime; Nobita uses Doraemon’s gadgets to impress Shizuka.

Whenever Nobita is stuck in sure issues or being excited by his friends, Doraemon involves the rescue with the assistance of his superb twenty-second-century gadgets.

Doraemon could be a beautiful cat United Nations agency likes to eat donuts referred to as Dora Cakes.

Doraemon is also a magic mechanism with powers wherever he boards the longer term with Nobita’s grandchild.  The youngsters the children aren’t simply preferred by kids,

However, search says that several adults conjointly watch it

My opinion

As a child, one of the items I have discovered is that not all sensible cartoons come back from America. There are heaps of excellent cartoons and cartoon characters that are created by innovative and artistic individuals everywhere around the globe.

He was created in Japan by a Japanese creator for the Japanese audience. However, that was a touch short-sighted as this character has obtained a worldwide audience.

He was conjointly appointed to being Japan’s anime ambassador for a pair of years agone. However, those aren’t the explanations why he became my favorite cartoon character. There are heaps of additional human-like qualities that create him lovely and extremely engaging.

One of the primary qualities I detected regarding him was that he was honest. perhaps that quality was instilled into Doraemon as a result of the Japanese don’t prefer to lose face, however, I don’t care. Honesty is usually the simplest policy and having a cartoon character teach it helps reach heaps of youngsters. I included.

Another engaging quality he has is his disposition to assist his relief to get out of bother. Even once it’s Nobita’s fault, Doraemon is usually there to right the incorrect and confirm his friend isn’t injured.

Doraemon makes certain he teaches Nobita a lesson once every rescue however that’s another sensible quality found in his character. Teaching the correct and honorable lessons may be a good way to create a character in 2 individuals. The teacher is one and therefore the student is that the different.

Having a personality builds up associate honest angle and provides it additional quality. The very fact that Doraemon comes from the longer term doesn’t hassle ME. Scientists say that point travel could also be attainable therefore this part of the cartoon isn’t UN realistic or absurd.

The reason he was sent back is additionally terribly commendable and engaging. The great, great-grandson of Nobita was involved regarding his antecedent and sent Doraemon back to assist him out.

Even though there’s a tinge of stinginess in this act, the nice motive overshadows the danger. Through Doraemon’s time travel, we can see that perhaps the great; great-grandson was a touch embarrassed by his antecedent, Nobita.

The latter character is lazy and forever trying to find an easy resolution rather than the correct one. Also, Nobita suffered heaps from bullying a scenario that influenced his dangerous selections.

The great, great-grandson wasn’t simply puzzling over himself once he sent Doraemon back in time. He was thinking of Nobita’s different descendants likewise. This angle makes each character adorable.

The mechanism cat, Doraemon, is appointed to assist Nobita out and therefore the male cat is trustworthy likewise as compliant. Those prime qualities conjointly contribute to my creating the cat my favorite cartoon character.

His angle makes ME want I had a cat to assist ME out generally. Then Doraemon comes with heaps of artistic movement gadgets that facilitate creating the adventures additional fun.

These gadgets have a good vary of functions and even though Nobita continues to use them, Doraemon looks to own associate endless offer of forgiveness. That quality is another sensible one to love with this cartoon character.


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