Shinchan: A naughty boy – by Chakrankith Reddy

Shinchan: A naughty boy

“Shinchan” is a manga series, its author is Yoshito Usui, later publishers One peace book, Comics One, and CMX Manga together launched it as an anime through Shin-Ei Animation studio, its original network was T.V Asahi, the music was given by Toshiyuki Arakawa. Shinchan’s first appearance was made in 1990 in a weekly magazine. Coming to shinchan’s family there are 4 members and a pet. His mother’s name is Misae Nohara and his father is Hiroshi Nohara, his sister is a cute little girl named Himawari  Nohara, his pet is a dog named Shiro which means white. Shinchan spends more time with his friends they are: Kasama Toru, Masao Sato, Bo Suzuki, Ai Duotone, Nene Sakura. They all study in Futaba kindergarten, they all gathered and formed the “ Kaskade defense force”. Hungama T.V has announced July 18th, 2010 as Shinchan’s birthday. Some movies of Shinchan are The hidden treasure of Buri Buri kingdom, Unkokusai’s ambition, Great adventure in the hinterland, Jungle that invites storm, etc….

I love Shinchan so much, I was watching Shinchan from my childhood. I love him because Shinchan is a small, cute and naughty kid. He always feels everything as comedy. He every time laughs and makes us laugh. He always becomes late to school, one day he made his mother to Rome whole Kasukabe, and finally, they reached the school but the teacher says they gave a circular that today the school will be half-day due to heavy rainfall. Like this, the cartoon goes on. I and my sister will be laughing and laughing when we are watching the anime. Sometimes we felt sad because the power was cut when we were watching Shinchan. We would enjoy it a lot, we would not get from our place until the anime was completed. We would see in Hungama T . V. It would be casting two time’s a day. Shinchan would everyday wear a red t-shirt and a yellow nickel. He hates to eat capsicum. And he loves to eat Chokshi which are chocolates in a star shape. He every time watch action movies of action Kamen. It’s a wonder that he never grows up. He is still a 5-year-old boy. He loves his sister, one day Himawari gets cold her mother says Shinchan to take care of her, he takes care of her he doesn’t go to school, he makes her play with the dolls and finally, she gets well. Here we can see he loves his sister so much. On that day I felt like I was there in shinchan’s position because I also took care of my sister one day. When my mother was a bit busy. So I love it a lot. I sincerely recommend this anime to kids because they can enjoy it, relate to it, and also learn how to: be fearless and love the pets, etc… So this is my overall opinion on Shinchan and at last once more. “Shinchan”: A naughty boy.




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