Technology: Friend or Foe by Karthik V

Technology has become a topic of buzz all over the world. It is present almost in every home, office, school, etc.…. It has changed the world and made everything easy. From washing the clothes to video calls, everything depends on technology.

Technology: Friend or Foe by Karthik V
Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

Many gadgets like Gaming Consoles, Smart Phones, Computers, etc… are the signs of growth of Technology. Xbox One, PS4 is gaming consoles, that help children also old people for entertainment purposes. Social Media is also a very well known topic among youth all over the world. Youth uses this for communicating with each other, expressing their feelings and their moods with their friends through Social Media. Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. Technology also has few.
Technology: Friend or Foe by Karthik V
Image by Marko Deichmann from Pixabay

Advantages of Technology

Technology is always changing with all new software which solves the problems of the people even before they get to know about it. Here are a few advantages of technology:

  • It helps to connect with people all over the world.
  • Technology makes work to be done quickly, efficiently and easily.
  • It helps in storing files and sharing files needed. Most people waste their time searching for files but technology solves this problem.
  • It helps companies to make automatic functions that were previously done with the help of humans.
  • The main reason for computers, Mobiles replacing Typewriters and Fax Machines is Communication. Technology helps us to communicate with people living anywhere on earth.

  Disadvantages of Technology

Technology is very useful in our day to day life but it also has a few disadvantages which affected human life very badly. They are:

  • Technology cuts the relationship between people: Nowadays two neighbors living beside each other say ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Night’ in WhatsApp, without coming out and talking to each other.

    Technology: Friend or Foe by Karthik V
    Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash
  • Human Relations become weak: People living in foreign countries talk to their families through Skype, Video Calls, etc.…

Technology is increasing the gap between people living all over the world. It is taking us far from each other. We think that we are developing and increasing our economic status because of Technology, but we don’t understand that we are cutting our relationships by ourselves. Because of using Technology excessively.
We can use anything in this world but there should be a limit for everything we use. As American Businessman Lou Gerstner said “Technology has limitations on what it can accomplish.? You do not.” We should also have our limitations on the use of Technology.

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