How can we reduce Pollution in our Daily Lives? by Rohit Ryna

Pollution is the presence of a substance which causes harm to the environment, living beings like; plants, animals, humans and also even microorganisms.

 How was the Earth before?

Long years ago, our planet earth was beautiful with all kinds of flora, fauna and humans. Humans did not know about inventing new things, everything was bountiful for humans from the environment. The earth was green, blue and scattered white colours in the beginning according to the scientists and was pleasant.

 How is the Earth now?

The time when humans started to think and invented new things and were good in the first.  Slowly humans took the technology to Our earth was very beautiful before with all kinds of flora, fauna and humans. From the day the next level and destroyed half of the earth and destroying the earth now also. Earth is now from the satellite view is quite untidy in air, water and land.


The substances which are causes harm to the environment are known as pollutants.

The common major pollutions are:

  • Air Pollution:

The unwanted gases released by substances which get mixed up in the air and pollute the air is known as air pollution.

E.g. – Releasing of smoke by factories, industries and vehicles that run with fossil fuels, burning of plastic and other harmful substances, while sending rockets, etc.

Effects of Air Pollution – Skin rashes, respiratory problems, irritation, acid rains, degradation of statues and monuments, etc.

Diseases caused by Air Pollution – Asthma, Lung Cancer and other Lung ailments.


air pollution
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  • Water Pollution:

The unwanted liquids released by substances which get mixed up in the pure water and pollute the water is known as water pollution.

E.g. – Releasing of waste chemical liquids in water bodies, oil spills, throwing of garbage, bathing in rivers in the name of ‘holy bath’ etc.

Side Effects of Water Pollution – Stomach ache, deaths of aquatic animals and plants shortage of water supply for general purposes and for drinking purpose.

Diseases caused by Water Pollution – Typhoid and Dysentery.


water pollution
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  • Soil Pollution:

Improper disposal of solid-state toxic chemical substances in the soil is known as soil pollution by substances like lead, PCBs, asbestos.

E.g. – Disposal of plastic objects, contaminated water, overuse of chemical fertilisers and pesticides in the farms.

Side effects of Soil Pollution – Plastics choke the respiratory system of animals when they eat food from the garbage, improper growth of crops, the land gets degraded.

Diseases caused by Soil Pollution – Neuromuscular blockage and depression of the central nervous system.


soil pollution
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  • Noise Pollution:

Human-made noises that are very loud and disruptive in manners refers to Noise Pollution.

E.g. – Honking of vehicle horn continuously or unwantedly, huge sounds of machines in the construction, sounds produced by air crafts while moving, loud music, electric generators explosion and bursting of crackers.

Side effects of Noise Pollution – Temporary or permanent loss of hearing, sleep disorders.

Diseases caused by Noise Pollution – Cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, high-stress levels and tinnitus.


These are the four common pollutions which mainly take our earth to the worst position. Because of this, there are many side effects and diseases caused by pollution and not only destroying the earth, humans destroying themselves also.

How to overcome these Pollutions in our Daily Lives –

Air Pollution:

  • The common pollutants on earth are the vehicles first, vehicles that run with fossil fuels should be replaced with E-bikes and E-cars.
  • Use of plastic items should be degraded and also should not burn the plastic which releases toxic gas which is harmful to live beings.
  • Industries and factories that release over smoke in the air should be warned about it, if possible it should get banned.
  • Refrigerators should not be opened unnecessarily, if opened unnecessarily refrigerators disposal releases Ozone-depleting gases which are known as chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs into the earth’s atmosphere.


Water Pollution:


  • The unwanted liquids released by factories and industries should be stopped permanently, which later forms into algae and block the sunlight which goes into the water and aquatic flora and fauna do not get sufficient sunlight and slowly leads to the death.
  • Oil spills on water cause great damage by catching fire which leads to air pollution and also contaminate the food of aquatic plants and animals and they slowly die. So, transporting of oil in ships should be taken some safety measurements.


Soil Pollution:

  • Excessive use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides should be stopped immediately which leads soil degraded and cannot be used for again agricultural purposes.
  • Plastic should not be thrown in open areas if it is thrown animals eat up food from garbage with the plastic and choke their respiratory system and they die.


Noise Pollution:

  • Large sound-producing speakers should be kept in limited volume in functions, etc. which causes disturbance to people living nearby.
  • Heavy construction equipment should not be used in the night time.
  • We should stop honking horn unnecessarily in traffic, which irritates your co-drivers.
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How to reduce pollution daily with simple works-

  • Buy E-bikes and E-cars instead of vehicles that run with fossil fuels.
  • Do throw garbage in dust bins.
  • Use sound-producing equipment to a minimum level.
  • Reduce the use of plastic and switch to steel boxes (or) glass boxes, iron bottles, jute bags, cloth bags etc. which are not manufactured with plastic.
  • Do not grow the same type of crop in the fields use the method crop rotation and try to use manure in the fields for better improvement in soil.
  • Consider using a gas log instead of wood.
  • As a good and responsible citizen inform the factories which are draining liquids in water bodies (or) releasing excessive smoke and lecture them the causes of the pollutions by doing these all activities.
  • Educate people who go into the rivers and take a bath in the name of ‘holy bath’ about the problems caused by this activity and help them to stop it.

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