Life after lockdown

Life after lockdown by Krishnapriya

Before the deal with life after lockdown let’s have a look at our very way of living. This is the high time we should think about what is going on in our lives, how we are driving our lives, what are we eating… and most importantly what are the changes that should be made???

It is important to evolve technically and scientifically at the same time it is important to hold your culture tightly for many benefits.


The dichotomy of various things

  • We live in luxurious flats but unlucky to see the sunrise – instead we use vitamin tablets
  • We have the luxurious restrooms inside our bedrooms which are the reservoirs for bacteria and viruses and no question of entering sunlight to disinfect the area -instead, we use Lysol to clean the floors.

Parents don’t spend time with the children- instead, they make them watch cartoon


We are always working out to deal with consequences but we are not taking proper care of working out the things in a proper way. This is the excruciating way of living a life. We are sandwiched between our culture and advanced society. We got damaged things

Life after lockdown
Photo by Kirill Palii on Unsplash
  • “Namaskar” is the best way for greeting.
  • Online education largely comes into the picture.
  • Online transaction increases.
  • Diet should be taken care of
  • The food we take should resonate with our body in terms of immunity.
  • The environment is healing with our silence. Let’s not interrupt with our greedy actions…
  • Due to the crisis in all aspects, the crime rate increases
  • Unemployment occurs in various fields.
  • A healthy lifestyle should be imparted as a subject in the schools

Everything got changed in a spur and this pandemic gave as a warning bell to keep an eye on our lifestyle otherwise inexorably we have to face the consequences.we have evolved technically, we can fly to wherever we want, we can see every corner of the world. but now we are frightening to touch someone, sweating to breath without masks and terrifying to listen to the deaths and dying to see the people screaming for food at roadside

I think this is the battlefield where every soldier in this society shot dead and unfortunately, the sketch for this death was perfectly made by humans and just humans.


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