POST-CORONA LIFE Article by Sri Chandana

Our lives were normal. The pandemic hit has changed everything very soon. Once the government withdraws the lockdown there will be a different life for all of us. The life after Corona will be different from life before Corona. We might be facing challenges. Life might become difficult for us in every aspect. We need to be prepared for those challenges and difficulties.


Back to  pollution


Countries which are now pollution-free will experience the pollution again once the lockdown ends. After the lockdown, industrial activities will kick in and as a result water and air will be polluted, traffic will be back on to the roads and results in air pollution. The traffic on the roads leads to noise pollution.


Hygiene is maintained


After lockdown, we will be out of our homes. We travel to our workplaces. We will interact with many people. Even after the lockdown, there might be a chance to get infected by the virus. As there is no specific treatment and vaccine for COVID-19, as a preventive measure we will maintain self-hygiene.

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Social distancing


All of us will maintain social distance as this is another preventive measure. We will avoid gatherings. There will be no overcrowding in shops, malls, theatres, and all other public places. Masks will be used by everyone. Social distancing should become a practice to prevent the spread of many diseases.

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Challenging economy


This pandemic froze economical status. We will face difficulty in uplifting the dropped economy. Recovery from the economical crisis becomes a challenge to the government. It is difficult to predict future economical status. Every sector needs to strive hard to uplift the economy.

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Wildlife conservation


As we know the coronavirus is zoonotic, there will be a ban on trafficking and consumption of wild meat. This leads to the conservation of endangered species. This conservation leads to a balanced ecosystem.

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Many employees were asked to work for free and some employees are given only half wages. This led to an increase in unemployment. Migrant workers left for their homes and they are left with no job. After the lockdown, many people might suffer from unemployment.



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