THE POSITIVE YEAR 2020  by Jitte Priyanka


The year 2020 came after 2019. Every year begins with happiness this year also begin with happiness.

But in the same year corona ( covid -19 ) virus came to our India. This makes the year some sadness at the same time there is some good news also. The bad news is nothing but there is an increase in corona suffering patients and more and more corona cases came some of them are dying.

The good news is pollution controlled.

Due to this corona, all works are stopped.

And Government of Telangana kept lockdown.

So every morning and night the road will be filled with vehicles but in lockdown period there is no vehicle transport so the air pollution decreased at the same time sound pollution is decreased.

Industries and factories also closed so land and water pollution also decreased due to pollution decrease there are so many rains in our Telangana state.

These rains are useful for farmers to cultivate crops for some year. Due to this rains, there is an increase in group water per cent.This is good news for farmers. This made no use of digging bore Wells from the land.

In this year people are not happy but land, water, animals, birds, air, plants and trees are so happy. Because they are not polluted and had good food to eat.

Corona took us into earlier days like celebrating and conducting festivals, marriages at home itself.

Corona brought the family members together from aboard and another country. To their negative places.

These are good things that corona made in our lives.

We need to wear a mask in public places, use sanitizer, maintain social distance. we need to stay at home and stay safe from the corona.


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