The Positive side of the year 2020 by Ishitha Thakur

The year 2020 has ended leaving a huge impact on our life both mentally and physically. Wasn’t it just the other day when we were soaking in the February sun, unaware by an upcoming pandemic? This has shown us a lot With most of us suffering from mental issues, which we rarely spoke out about, the pandemic taught us to fight with the demons within us, to face our issues and talk about it.

The novel Corona Virus was declared as the most destructive pandemic in the history of the world, gripping the entire world in its fear and danger. Ever since ‘lockdown’ has been implemented in the country, leaving us cooped up in our homes to eventually deal with the “new normal” phenomena, we have experienced things we once deeply wished for. All in all, the reality remains that we needed an entire pandemic to realise and live through them. Somewhere down the line, we all found peace at home with our family beside us. This peace was so much-needed. Most importantly, our mother nature really needed a break. With all of us under lockdown, nature got a chance to explore roads filled with vehicles. At least for a while, animals did get back to their original habitat and some of their lost space. As for human beings, we’ve been able to give the environment a break from all the pollution and global warming.

We all have been so busy living the ‘life,’ many of us have lost those moments and the very precious quality time with our loved ones. It could have been the busy schedule of the office, working blood and sweat to manage lives & rushing to be in urgent meetings. Weekends were never free either. It was just a day to relax our body and prepare it for another week of hectic work. But even then, we still had work from home and online lectures. You get to spend some time together with your family and plan your work better.

Like every coin has two sides, so does this pandemic. With the little destruction, the pandemic gave a large lesson to India that, “not to forget our strength and weaknesses and not underestimate any problem and to be ready for the crisis.”

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