Flying without wings in 2020 by Pavitra Inala

The Year 2020 has been a year of difficulty and toughness. But, this year is the year of opportunity. We all suffered through this Covid-19 Pandemic. Now, we should think about the positive happenings that happened.

This is the year of positivity and trust. This year teaches you to trust yourself and to be yourself. To show the world that you can do anything.

A bird cannot fly without wings, and we cannot have a life without limits. The limit is your house. We stayed in our houses by maintaining social distance to break this chain of spreading of the Coronavirus.


All we thought is we did nothing. But, if you see the situation positively, you can see that you have breached the chain. We all did our best to save our souls. Thousands of people have been tested positive for Coronavirus and the medical media took a heroic movement that lives in history. They saved so many lives and treated many patients who suffered from the virus. They are our real heroes of 2020. Hats off to the medical media. Not only them but thousands of police, sanitary workers, and people who feed the needy with their own hands are also the heroes of 2020. Even the government had taken steps to prevent the spread.

Now, every child is away from school and couldn’t have a proper education. We have to appreciate that the government is taking action to implement online classes for all children all over India.

Now, every child can learn from their houses. Thanks to all the heroes of 2020! You made this possible for us and our safety. At these difficult times, many influencing media such as the entertainment and music industries had been giving us their best to make our lives easy and fun. They healed us through their entertainment and music. Music can heal you even when you’re in vain or in pain.

The main platform that we’re all connected to is the mega mass media communication, the Internet. The Internet teaches us everything. And gave people opportunities to show their abilities and arts throughout the world. Even introverts like me can be a part of this small but gigantic world. All Thanks to the internet.

I can now listen to my classes online, stream the best music to recover myself, write books and inspiring stories online, and get updated about the occurrences of this world. The year 2020 has taught me a lot!

An amazing experience spending our lives at home with our families. Eventually, we might feel bored and lonely. But now, we are starting our lives as a new chapter.

From the year 2020, we learned how to see the positive side while the world is affected by the pandemic. We might think that a small microorganism is now shaking this world with fear. But there is no need to worry about it. These fears can lead to a phobia. All we need to do is to take care of ourselves by washing our hands, maintaining social distance, using hand sanitisers, wearing masks, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This is a positive nature that we should have in us. Because life is not in our hands and we don’t know when we’ll die. So, we should live our lives as if it’s the last and full of happiness and Joy.

Start living this moment like you never did and show the world a bright side. We have to take precautions and start living a better life for a better future.

When there is a chance to pursue your dreams, don’t let it go. Because you should always hope to reach the highest limit of your life. Always think big, unique, and positive.

Success is what you achieve and happiness is what you earn. It’s not the end of the road, it’s an everlasting journey.

We’ve been through a lot this year. I hope everything is going to get better soon. Even when our wings are broken, we learned how to fly.

We stand strong and say goodbye to this pandemic.

Jai Hind!!!


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