Positive side of the year 2020 by Suresh Mekala

It’s been a good year for all because we mature with the damage, not with the years, why I am quoting this line means here some of the reasons which reflect during the year…


  1. Many people took time to reconnect after being confined to home for extended periods during lockdowns, this was an opportunity to spend all time with the family who is moved away from for their career or other reasons. All travelling operations were halted and restriction was imposed. Parties over zoom reconnected long last friends and families.


2.During lockdown talking about mental health is louder than ever,

this drew attention to the persons those silently suffering, creating

awareness and mindfulness around this topic improve mental health

through helping others.


3.Fighting against common crisis shown a light on challenges faced by

Less fortunate people. As a society, we are becoming more aware and responsive to those issues.


4.Individuals and companies are donating money, distributing food and medical equipment to support people affected by the coronavirus. You

you can offer your skills and abilities to help someone in need.


  1. Reduction of air and water pollution is giving the planet a chance to

rejuvenate, the witness of wildlife has increased worldwide



6.we are habituated by learning something more efficiently on online

during COVID-19 Which can save more time to do things that matters

to you.



8.Remote working breaks down geographical barriers reduce rush hour

Commuting and cars on the road, and gives people more time to spend

With their families and friends and people are likely to continue it.



9.Home schooling has allowed many parents to understand their children

better, at the same time parents also learning how online

Classes have been operated.


10.Simple act of wearing a mask can be a positive experience, wearing a

the face mask is a very community-minded and selfless practice which

can help protect you and those around you particularly people of older

age or with other chronic conditions, it’s about considering and caring

for others in the community.


  1. we have witnessed the progress made in the climate change battle

with low-carbon emissions worldwide during the lockdown, it is

because of countries across the globe industries shut, flights are not

operated and vehicles off roads.

Even the UN environment program emissions gap report point to hope

in a Green pandemic recovery and the nation’s growing commitments to

net zero emissions, for starters, China is aiming for carbon neutrality

by 2030 and the US is set to rejoin the Paris climate pact.

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