The Positive Side of the Year 2020 by Sheetal Jagirdhar

2020- A year to be ever cherished and forever remembered,  as this is the year that has made us explore ourselves, our hidden talents, attention towards ourselves, empathetic towards others, the value of sharing and caring, being thankful for nature and many other things.

It’s not that we were not aware of all these before but we were so busy in our routine life that we did not give any attention to this side of our life.

The year started with a beautiful celebration of New year, with lots of hopes, dreams and desires. People around were busy with their examination schedules, preparation of financial budgets and many other activities as per their professional and personal life. But suddenly life seems to be stopped due to lockdown.

Lockdown does not mean that our lives our locked. Lockdown is to keep ourselves safe from the virus which was prevailing outside. But we also had a chance to unlock ourselves from our


routines and do something new which excites us and explore our hidden side.

I enjoyed the beautiful sunrise with yoga and meditation which kept me highly energetic and focused.  I made some new buddies who are now the part of my life and friends forever, as I was unable to communicate with them due to my hectic schedule. I relived my childhood days by playing indoor and outdoor games which re-energized me to the extent that I started feeling young. I made some beautiful beads crafts and taught to the kids around, believe me, I was not aware that I can do some really good crafts like these.

Coming to my professional side I always thought that I need a work atmosphere to do my work, but here I understood that its all just in the mind. If you really want to work atmosphere can be created anywhere and with the technology, in hand, we can access anyone and keep ourselves accessible for others as well.

So, I would like to conclude with the point that a year will never be good or bad it depends on how we make it. It’s in our hands to make it a memorable one or regretful. With good experience, we add memory and with every bad experience, we learn a lesson. Overall the year was good for me as I did many things which are positively good and explored the real me. With the hope of one more fruitful year coming forward I wish all of you a very HAPPY, FRUITFUL AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Thank you.

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