The positive side of the year 2020  by A Swathi

There are many positive or good issues in 2020. Here are some:


1.Air Pollution:

To reduce Air Pollution in 2020.

In 2020 we have reduced air pollution by staying at homes in lockdown times. Air is the most important thing on earth for humans, animals etc. During the lockdown, fewer vehicles were allowed to drive. So, we could control traffic and reduce air pollution.


2.Family gathering:

Family is the most important aspect of our life. Before this year so many people couldn’t spend time with their families. During the lockdown, people worked from homes and could stay at home and meet with family and spend time with them. And also enjoy their lockdown with their families.


3.Trees growth and rain: HARITHAHARAM

In this year there was much rainfall which filled the lakes, ponds, rivers etc. Dried up ponds have now become flowering ponds. Because, all the people in schools, offices and hospitals have done tree plantation program “Haritha Haram”. Which lead to more trees and more rainfall.


4.Health and Hygiene:

Nowadays Health and Hygiene mean taking right precautions from the pandemic and improving our immunity and health. Daily bathe, brushing teeth twice a day, washing of clothes, washing hands before and after using the toilet and most importantly wearing mask made us Hygienic and immune from COVID19.


5.Fight against Corona:

People came together to fight against corona. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi made all the people stand for Corona Warriors by lighting up candles in the evening. This gave all the Indians courage to fight against Coronavirus.


6.Food Habits:

In a lockdown, people had to change their food habits to be immune to Coronavirus. People stopped eating junk food, bakery food, street food etc. They drank only warm water, ate eggs and non-veg for immunity. And all the people ate Homemade food.



These days so many people could use Technology. Students utilized technology for studying during the lockdown. Farmers to Engineers, everyone used technology during this pandemic.


I think all the above-given statements are the positive side of this year.

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