2020 – The Year of Transformations! by Kaushik V

Although 2020 is a year of loss and misery. It has few positive impacts too. Some are:


  1. Pollution Check:

Due to this pandemic, everyone was at home and the number of vehicles that used to travel has reduced. This reduced air pollution. The reduction of air pollution led to the recovery of the ozone layer.

Water pollution has also gone down as people stayed home and no rivers and lakes were polluted. No cleaning of Animals, No washing of clothes in rivers. Which ultimately lead to Cleanliness of Water.


  1. Technical Minds:

Due to this pandemic, everything caught its way to overcome this situation. And the solution was online. Everyone started doing their tasks such as Classes, Jobs, Shopping, etc. This made all the people get aware of the new technology in which they are living.

And also, many people showed off their talents online and became famous. Many gamers, streamers also got a career due to this COVID-19.


  1. Time with Family:

This year 2020, the lockdown has made us spend time with our family. We got time to talk with each other, share our thoughts and be free and happy with families at home. Nevertheless, our bonding with our family has also increased during this pandemic situation.


But I also want to say that this year was boring and the worst year of my 13 years of life. This year had not at all been good. If I was happy during this year, that was only because of these 3 reasons. I wish the next year 2021 would be better than this year.


Finally, I had a fine experience during this year 2020. It was an unexpected and unique year.


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