POSITIVES OF 2020 by M.Sreekruthi

To develop the strong bonding between the family members and relatives by spending the valuable time.

Reduced junk and street food. This helped our body more active and healthier. In this year 2020 got an opportunity to spend more time into spirituality and yoga to act our mind more active and sharp. Learnt to cook delicious food with the help of the mother.

In 2020 at time of lockdown, we can save electricity in schools, colleges, offices and other private government sectors.

Education is more improved like home-schooling has allowed many parents to understand their children. we learned that homeschooling

Is hard and finally recognised teachers for the heroes that they are.

Got the opportunity to help the needy and hungry people during this pandemic situation those who were suffering for their basic needs. Spent more time on reading the books to improve the knowledge towards the academic subjects and social awareness.

At least in 2020 coronavirus brought a big change in our society like people understand their fundamental duties.

Restaurants shared their secret recipes so we could make them at home. the restaurant got awesomely creative to enforce social distancing.

Puzzles and board games become cool again offered a much-needed break from our screens. Tik-Tok blew up and are boredom was cured.

As movie theatre chains struggled across the country some family-owned drivings made a comeback. Netflix elaborates “Floor Is Lava” completion brought us back to the imaginary game of our childhoods.

NASA named Washington D.C headquarters after marrying W.Jackson  then agency’s first African American female engineer. Mississippi replaced a flag that had featured confederate symbolism.

We came up with creative ways to celebrate big milestones like drive-by birthdays and zoom parties. Smaller movies and hidden games are suddenly our fingertips. we also connected and reconnected therapists across a great distance as we became accustomed to zoom calls and face time video chats. We wouldn’t suggest that in-person wedding celebrations are gone forever -but the advances we made in telehealth, remote work and virtual gathering will outlast the pandemic.

A terrible plague struck humankind, but scientists respond with unprecedented speed and a common purpose: cooperating across national lines to decode the virus and then discover and manufacture vaccines that can prevent the disease.

Thousands of people volunteered to take the experimental vaccines at some risk to themselves so safety and efficacy could be tested and proven we learned to appreciate the selfless dedication of nurses, orderlies, doctors and other health workers who risked their lives to save our and the selfless dedication of truck drivers, grocery stokers, farmworkers and so many more who risked their lives to keep the economy from collapsing


CONCLUSION:  These are a lot more positive things i/we learned in this pandemic situation. Which changed our behaviour into more disciplined and more responsible.

Thank you.


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