Every year is special – The positive corner of 2020 by Tejaswi Tholupunuri

The word “positive” itself has the energy to remove stress and gives a happy and healthy life. Every year has pros and cons, the year 2020 is unique as it gave the experiences to change the man from machine to human because it has many positive corners too. They are :

Relationships :

During the lockdown, everyone spent time with their families. They shared love and affection for one another. It added positive energy to their life and refreshed their routine boring minds which rarely happens in their mechanical life.

From Foreign to farming villages :

Many settlers of foreign countries came to their native and stay connected with their parents. It gave a lot of happiness to the elders so their life span will be increased.

Pollution decreased :

As everyone stayed in their home, there were no vehicles on road for some months.it reduced pollution and helped nature to revive itself.

Our culture explored :

The year 2020 brought back the culture from shake hand to namaskar in the whole world. It also conveyed the importance of our habits and traditions. Washing legs and hands before going inside the home, praying to the sun in the early morning are some of the examples.

Home remedies :

 We are aware that “ health is wealth” so everyone gets conscious of health. In corona pandemic, we followed many home remedies to avoid infection as prevention is better than cure. It says the medicinal value of our kitchen ingredients and also says the importance of Ayurveda.

Sense of appreciation :

Men spent much time at home during lockdown they too tried different recipes in the kitchen and got to know about the efforts of their loved ones in making delicious items for them.

Improvements in technology :

Day by day technology is updating to make our works easy and fast. It helped in corona situations to do our jobs by staying at home and meetings, classes were held in online.

Changes in education :

Due to corona, many changes happened in education. Online classes, online exams are started to the students. Hence the academic year is not going to be wasted.

Inventions :

Our Indian scientists keeping efforts to invent a vaccine for covid-19. It says our India is not lesser than any developed country.


Helping hands :

Many people, organisations and companies helped by providing groceries, food and medicine to those who lost their livelihood in the lockdown period.

Knowing ourselves :

We lived in a world where we find our comfort in luxurious things and we felt we were happy but these many days we were in a hallucination. The year 2020 told us everything is temporary. Money, costly things give comfort but not happiness. Only the memories will remain forever and they give real happiness.

                 The year 2020 taught that we are all just visitors of this planet. No one knows when their visiting period ends so be good and do good until we are on the Earth.

                                 “Thank you”

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