2020 The year that I will  never forget . by Aryan Jagirdhar

 This is one of the weirdest years of my life. There was a lot of community participation in the public services along with the government employs like helping the police giving food to workers migrating the people to their home towns etc. From my personal point of view, this 2020 has been a very helpful year as I learnt many things and explore my talent. this year I learnt many things like beads craft like making of small key chains, door hanging, etc apart from that I learnt the papercraft, cardboard crafts, making video lessons, reading books, cooking food. We started taking precautions on our health. We started eating homemade food which is really good and hygienic. We started doing physical activities. We are spending quality time with our family.

All the hospitals were filled with covid 19 effected patients people started migrating to their home towns. And suddenly the whole country was under lockdown was started in March and ended in may all the children were happy including me as all the schools were closed. My online classes started on 12 June and are continuing.

Talking about positive things :

Technological developments :

We used to think that we can learn only by facing the teacher but now we listen to the classes by various video calling apps like zoom, google meet etc

Value relationship :

We understood the value of the relationship before we spent time only with our friends but now we spend quality time with our family members.

I learnt many things like doing online courses, cooking, helping our parents and family members.

Spiritual developments :

The people started learning the holy books like Bhagavat Gita and many more

Culinary skills :

The people tried to make different food items and explored their culinary skills

Health concentration

The people started doing yoga, we started drinking “Kada

The people started cleaning the shelves and cleaning the house

Our festivals

This year all the festivals were not that much exciting as the government had made some restrictions on our festivals and many of our relatives could not attend the festivals due to this pandemic

Conclusion :

In so many odd situations this year has many positive sides and with this let’s hope to get relief from this pandemic very soon.

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