The Positive Side of the Year 2020 by Ch Vaishnavi

The year 2020 is always remembered as a covid-19 year. This made a huge impact on human life. Apart from covid-19, there are many other disasters took place. Those are like Australia forest fires, Economic collapse due to pandemic and many people lost their job. This pushed the people into Socio-Economic depression. Many people across the world died due to hunger because of massive lockdown that took place across the world. Like every coin has two sides this year also brought many positive things into human life. Those positive things are as follows.


1. Tackling the worst situations:

We learned how to tackle the worst situation of life. For example, In India at the starting stages of a covid-19 pandemic, our country doesn’t have enough ventilators to serve the people and also don’t have the proper equipment for treatment but the scientist and engineers of the country found a way to use on ventilator system for four patients. Like these many areas, people and government came together to tackle many worst situations.

2. Being helpful to everyone:

This is the year which taught everyone to be selfless and helping the needy people. For example, many people helped the poor by distributing food, clothes and also provided shelter for migrating workers. Some of them provided facilities to get back their home town. Sonu Sood is one who helped in migrating work to get back their homes.

3. Value of Food:

During the lockdown, there was huge storage for daily usage of goods and food grains. Many of us found it difficult to get the goods. This made us know the value of food.


4. Nature Healing:

Due to Lockdown in major parts of the world. Nature got time to heal by itself due to less pollution. Scientist found that the holes in Ozone layers recovered. The oxygen in the atmosphere also became purified.


5. Marriages and Functions at least possible cost:

The royal weddings and functions which spend a huge amount of money have been reduced to a very minimal level. This year taught us how to save money and spend on useful purpose. Many people who saved money from wedding helped the people and hospitals for various purposes.


6. Spending time with family: Due to our busy lives, we don’t get time to spend with our families. But due covid-19 pandemic and lockdown people got time to spend with families. This made people get close to their families. We should thank 2020 for this.


7. Learning a new thing:

Due to lockdown, we got so much time to learn new thing and upgrade ourselves. In this lockdown period, I learned cooking from my mother.


8. Precaution is Better than Cure:

As we have known that the covid-19 doesn’t have vaccine this year taught us how to take precautions and social distancing as well as wearing a mask which is very new to the world. This year taught us how to be united by staying away from each other.


In the end, I would like to conclude on behalf of our team by saying that everything that happens in nature is due to human involvement. A human being is the main reason for all the harmful things that are happening in today’s world. So, from now we should take a pledge for conserving the mother earth. If we take care of nature and earth it will take care of us.

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