Life after Lockdown

Life after lockdown by Deekshitha Patlori

Life before Pandemic:


  • A few days ago our lives were completely different. Life was normal as we quote it. We never cared about cleanliness much. Our lives were simple we went to our schools, colleges, work, etc.
  • Public transportation was a normal thing then. Some people go in their private transport while some opt for public transport, we would see RTC busses with people hanging over the steps, so packed but that was normal.
  • Eating street food was love. Most of us love to eat yummy street food. We never actually thought about the hygiene they maintained. Our priority was to eat those tasty samosas, cutlet, chips, popcorn etc.
  • We used to go to crowded places such as parties, functions, marriages, etc. Meeting our friends and family was fun.


The entry of the CORONA VIRUS:

During the end of 2019 Corona Virus that causes COVID19 entered our lives. Initially, it started in China and slowly it spread throughout the world. On March 11 WHO declared COVID19 as a global pandemic. In the beginning, we just thought it might not spread much and it would disappear soon. But unfortunately, it turned our lives upside down. COVID19 entered into most of the countries and the only way to stop spreading was LOCKDOWN. Lockdown means staying at home for a certain period as instructed by the government. Following the guidelines was mandatory to decrease the transmission.

Life after Lockdown
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Life during Lockdown:


  • Lockdown was a new thing for us as we have never experienced this type of situation.
  • Suddenly disinfecting, washing, cleanliness has become a part of our lives.
  • No schools, no colleges, no offices, no going out, no outside food, no public gatherings.
  • In simple words staying at home. But it is not as simple as it sounds. We are not habituated to be confined to our homes.
  • It is easy for many but it is a nightmare for people stuck far from homes, for students who ate stuck at hostels, for people stuck in different countries.
  • The flights were cancelled, public transportation was shut. There was no way for transportation to reach their homes.
  • Another big problem was food and sources. As it goes smoothly for people who are in a good place. But few people, who depend on their wages can’t afford basic requirements, it is a tough situation for them.
  • Lockdown does have a positive side as we all got to spend quality time with our families. We got enough time to relax and pause our busy schedules.
Life after Lockdown
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Life after lockdown:

Life after lockdown will never be the same.  Pandemic has made a lot of changes in our lives.  And some might think that everything will be the same after the lockdown ends??? No, it will never be the same.

  • Can we just buy a pack of lays, open and eat it as before? (Without cleaning our hands)
Life after Lockdown
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  • Can we just touch our faces and does not panic?
  • Can we just take public transport as before?
  • Can we enjoy outside food without thinking about the hygiene maintained while making it?
  • Can we bring groceries and use them without disinfecting the packages?

No, we cannot do any of them as we did before. It’s better not to be the same as before lockdown we have to continue a few habits like washing hands regularly, avoiding unimportant gatherings, covering our faces and being cautious about our surroundings. Let us make our life safe by following these.

Life after Lockdown
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