Life after Lockdown

Life after CORONA by Mounika Sabavath

We are left with no other choice after coronavirus pandemic because we are going to live with this virus even after situations are better  Anyways this coronavirus has brought about a lot of change in people and their living as per my knowledge. It created an awareness among the people of how to lead their life healthily.


Most people don’t know the classification of viruses and bacteria. At least they came to know the terms’ virus and bacteria after this coronavirus pandemic. They came to know that there are microorganisms and they can live anywhere and everywhere.

Life after Lockdown
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The New lifestyle after Coronavirus pandemic


So many are people panicking because of this virus this panic has changed the mindset of the people, earlier used to take bath daily once, we are taking bath 2 times a day now.


Most of us don’t have the habit of washing the hands after using washroom but hand-washing became a part of our lifestyle.

Likewise in the  future, we are going to see a clean and better India.”This virus will also become part of our life, like the Rhino group of viruses which is causing the common cold inhuman”.


We are panicking now because we don’t have any vaccine but in the near future, we will be getting the vaccine and there will be no more death cases. We’ll victimize a lot of changes after this lockdown, among the people and also in nature.


Even after lockdown everyone will maintain the social distancing and are going to have a minimum idea about sanitization and usage of the mask as well as covering the face while coughing. There will not be anymore spitting on the roads, no more trespass and these small changes are going to create a big difference.



The need for emergence in the science field


I think people will learn more about microorganisms… Most of us have more knowledge in the cinema field as compared to the science field.


As a life of a science student, I get to hear that ” In India, there is no bright future for a microbiology and biotechnology course”  but the bitter truth is the microbiology and biotech students are the ones who have been working hard and thriving their day and night to formulate the vaccine for coronavirus from a long time.  Most of the developing countries are getting benefited through the science field.


If the vaccine is introduced by Indian pharma companies then it will take India to greater heights. Most of life science students if they say that they belong to bio sci field they get to hear this “oh aap doctor Sahab hain” but  to cut the long story short it’s not the doctor who work in labs fir vaccines but  the biotech and micro students junior research scientists who work in the labs and prepare drug formulas and vaccines, everyone is working for the country but the people should recognise the work of the microbiologist and they should show equal respect and interest to join the science field as it will help to develop the country


Life after Lockdown
Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash


Economic terms

At present we are facing a lot of the economic crises. The economic loss might be there for a  particular period but it will not be permanent.


s per records when a state is trying to open a wine shop we can state that the consumption of alcohol is increasing the economy rate but at the same time if there is no proper social distancing it will increase the number of cases.

Life after Lockdown
Image by Elchinator from Pixabay

Many pharma companies are trying to develop the vaccine for the Covid-19, if they get successful in developing the vaccine then there will be an instant hike in the economy rate, however, the corona caused a lot of loss in the economy of the country, the healthy relationship of our country with other will help to develop new companies in the in our countries it will increases the employment rate also. In these few months, we have victimized a lot of death cases due to coronavirus but I am sure that our country will again unite and will fight against this pandemic.

Till then stay home stay safe



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