Responsibilities of  a citizen in keeping India a republic country- by Vishnu Priya

Running according to the constitution is known as a republic. We have to follow the rules of the constitution.

We have to know the rules and regulations of the constitution. We have to teach the words in the constitution to small children as a citizen. In the year of 1947 august 15 we got independence but we were following the constitution of British. So we were planned to prepare our new constitution. It was published on the year of 1950 January 26 which we call it as republic day. Our constitution was written by Dr.B.R. Ambedkar.


The basic rules should be followed in the constitution:-

  • sovereignty.
  • limited government.
  • powers


  • sovereignty:


   Sovereignty is the principle that the authority of government is created by the people. People should elect representatives. They are the source of political power.  As a citizen, he/she should elect the representatives. We should select the correct one as a political leader. As a good citizen, we have to elect the people who don’t do malpractices among the people for votes.


  • limited government:

The limited government describes a political system whereby the central government role and authority is limited in certain limits.

As a political leader(as a citizen in-country) he/she should not do the malpractices for society. A political leader should take care of their city and country. He /she must follow the rules as a citizen. The government should be in limit. so like many countries, our country should also be like limited government.


  • powers:

As per the constitution, the power is used to declare the war, for money, etc. The government should use for the nice sack of power. As a leader, he or she should use the powers for nice work. By the powers, the leader should not feel the proudness and should not use the powers as they need.

The responsibilities of a citizen to keep our India as a republic country:

  • As a citizen, the boy should not do girl harassment he should see every girl like a sister. Every boy should respect every girl.


  • According to the constitution, there should not be any caste feeling among the people.
  • People should see every citizen in an equal way.
  • There should not be any rich or poor among people.

By following the above rules we can keep our India as a republic country.


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