• The right to equality.
  • Right to freedom.
  • Right against exploitation.
  • Right to freedom of faith.
  • Culture and academic rights.
  • Right to constitutional remedies
  1. The proper to equality includes equality before the law regarding the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, caste, sexual orientation, gender or personal identity, and therefore the ending of untouchability. Equality of chance in matters, and ending of titles or place of birth.
  2. The proper to freedom includes expression and freedom of speech, association, assembly, or union or cooperatives, residence, movement, and right to observe any profession or occupation.
  3. The proper against exploitation prohibits all varieties of kid labour, labour and trafficking of the individual.
  4. The proper to freedom of faith includes freedom of conscience and observe the propagation of the faith, free profession, freedom from sure taxes and freedom from non-secular directions ensure academic establishments.
  5. The culture and academic rights preserve the proper of any section of voters to conserve their language, culture, script, and right of minorities to determine and administer educational establishments of their selection.
  6. The proper to constitution remedies is a gift for enforce-mint of basic rights.


  • Abide the constitution & respect anthem and national flag
  • Follow the ideals of the Indian freedom struggle
  • Protect the integrity and sovereignty of Asian country
  • Defend the country and render national services
  • Spirit of common brotherhood
  • Preserving the composite culture
  • Preserving the natural setting
  • Developing scientific temper
  • Protecting the general public properties
  • Strive for excellence
  • Duty for all folks/guardians to send their youngsters within the cohort of 6-14 years to high school.


As a citizen of India, we want to be accountable to our country we have a tendency to|and that we} should respect our anthem and our emblem that is vital we should respect our nation and conform our country laws. Pay taxes on time with honest and prompt. These are entitled to exercise the basic duties and rights; such as pick your leader, protective the country from corruption and paying taxes. An honest accountable national for the country should interact in aiding within the problems such like raising cash for charities, keeping the setting clean, preserving electricity and water and natural resources or protective public properties, etc.


India could be a democratic country wherever the folks live freely. During this democratic country, the voters have each right and responsibilities. A democratic country is entirely found on the freedom of its citizens to relish their rights. To utterly celebrate the rights, citizens should show their responsibilities towards the country in an exceedingly smart behaviour as a result of the rights and responsibilities of our country are inter-related to 1 another. If we have a tendency to do have rights, we have a tendency to should have corresponding responsibilities. Rights and responsibilities of every nation in the Indian constitution are terribly valuable and inter-related to the country

WHY ought to we have a tendency to FOLLOW basic DUTIES?

Order of the state and to keep up the spirit of the constitution. as it is the responsibility of the govt. to convey each national their basic rights that are the duties of voters to keep up balance in functioning the constitution democratically.

Of the Swaran Singh Committee. Originally there have been ten fundamental duties however by 86th modification in 2002; the entire fundamental duties were enlarged to eleven.

The fundamental duties are the spirit of the constitution that ensures that each national takes active participation within the governance of the state.

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