Responsibility of a good citizen by Harshita

We should respect our country. Our elders,  parents. Every citizen should follow the fundamental rights and fundamental duties we should respect our national flag and national anthem.  I am a citizen in India. I will help the poor people. If any older man was crossing the road in the wrong way I will help the old man in the right way. I should grow plants if anyone will cut the trees in the forests  I ”ll definite stop them in cutting trees in the forest. A blind man was crossing the road I’ll help them in crossing the road. I won’t waste the water. OBEDIENCE: we must obey the and regulations of the government.
We should not park the vehicles in the no parking zone.
We should not neglect the traffic signals.
We must obey and respect the decision made by the government because the rules and the Law are for our safety and the betterment of our country.
A person’s duty towards the country is very important for maintaining its dignity bright future and taking it towards the betterment of our country.
By not drinking and driving.
To become a good citizen or to make a good citizen in any state. he has to follow so many qualities. He has to respect others like poor people and labourers etc… And he has to follow his responsibilities to become a good citizen.  He has to help the people. And the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle or the state of being whole and undivided. To be a good person or good citizen anywhere at any time to be a good attitude and he has to respect others.
He has also rights to participate in the political, social,  affair to the nation,  legal and religious etc…
A good citizen is a responsibility of so many members of a family and a conscious. he also must keep in mind the future of our country. He must also respect the institutions of his country or nation.
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