• We all over India celebrate 26th January as Republic Day
  • It is on the occasion that the Indian constitution came into force on 26th January 1950

Before getting into the main topic let me explain why we celebrate Republic Day on 26th January and Independence Day on 15th August. The main question we can ask is why do we celebrate it? Independence Day is celebrated because India got independence from British rule on that day in 1947. Before that India was under British rule for nearly 200 years. After independence, we Indians prepared our own Constitution that came into force on 26th January 1950. The Constitution of India declared India as a Republic Country.


The Constitution of India was prepared by Constituent Assembly. The main objective of the Constituent Assembly was to draft a framework of political principles, powers, and duties of the government institutions and also lay down fundamental rights and duties of the citizen of India. In 1946, elections were held to elect the members of the Constituent Assembly. Dr. B.R. AMBEDKAR was elected as the CHAIRMAN of the DRAFTING COMMITTEE.

With this let me talk about the main topic of our responsibilities being Indian citizens in keeping India as a Republic country.


  • Being Indian citizens we must respect our national anthem and our national flag.
  • Everyone should learn the national anthem and know about the Constitution
  • As per the Constitution, everyone is equal in India irrespective of their caste, religion, Place, gender, rich and poor.
  • From prime minister to poor people everyone is equal.
  • Everyone has freedom of speech and expression of feelings.
  • No one can be treated unfairly at their workplace – private and government employees.
  • We need to obey our rights and duties.
  • Free and compulsory education for every child up to 14 years of age and free healthcare services for all
  • Every citizen has the right to approach a court for any legal problems.
  • We should never harm animals, birds.
  • The important point is we should not encourage anti-social elements.
  • We should respect elders and we should be loyal to our work and duties.
  • We must participate in cleanliness programs of the country and be responsible for keeping clean our surroundings.
  • Parents must involve in kids’ education, supporting their homework, and teaching
  • Every person should pay their taxes regularly.
  • Every rich person should leave their gas subsidy for poor people.
  • We must never encourage violence. Like fighting.
  • We must take care of the environment. Plant more trees
  • We must reduce pollution and we need to reuse most of the things like plastic etc…
  • Please avoid drawing on monuments.
  • We must respect our soldiers. Because they are very important protecting our country.
  • We must defend the country in times of danger.
  • Every adult person should vote after18 years.
  • We should respect our farmers and occupation of farming
  • We must respect our women, help them and save girl children


We the Indian citizens have the rights, duties, and responsibilities to keep India a republic country.

India has many resources to live but the main question is we need to use them properly so that we can maintain India as a republic country.

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