The Positive side of the year 2020 by Lohitha

As we think of the year 2020, it creates negative vibes. Crores of people were affected by Covid-19, lakhs of people had lost their lives. The country is economy went down. Many of them lost their jobs and didn’t get their salaries. The whole country was in lockdown. The education system was at stake. The prices of groceries and vegetables have reached the sky where common people suffered to buy. Due to unemployment, the labours started travelling to their native places by walk. No entertainment, No get-togethers, No parties. But also we have succeeded in surviving this pandemic. Though we have many negatives, we were also dropped with positives, and they are:

  • Firstly, our lifestyles have been changed quite a bit.
  • ¬†We started eating food at home which is usually less in oil. Avoided junk food. Fresh food is chosen to eat. Cold drinks were avoided which were carbonated and had a high content of sugar.
  • Drinking boiled water which are microbes free.
  • People started eating healthy and immunity rich food.
  • People spent their whole time with their families, which created healthy bonds among them.
  • Recollected all the old memories by seeing photo albums.
  • Proper hygiene is maintained.
  • Disinfecting their hands with sanitiser frequently.
  • People learned to put on masks which is beneficial in many ways.
  • Took care of their elders.
  • Accidents and criminal acts were reduced at a higher rate.
  • Pollution (air and water) levels have been decreased in the atmospheric environment.
  • Less traffic.
  • The water that flows in rivers is clear now.
  • After 30 years The Himalayan mountain is visible.
  • Animals started roaming freely on the streets, and the animals which were going to extinct have increased in their number.
  • Children were involved in making DIY’s, making the best out of waste models, and improved their skills.
  • Students participated in different competitions offered by various websites which improved their writing skills and helped them to gain knowledge.
  • Many people used this time efficiently for their healthy lifestyle through exercises, gym, Zumba sessions, and yoga.
  • Sufficient sleep is possible. Extra one-hour sleep gives much impact on a healthy lifestyle.
  • It made it possible to get early to bed and take a rest in the evenings.
  • Proper home care is taken such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning, and dusting by people which make them busy and not get bored.
  • People interlocked themselves in activities such as cleaning cars, preparing various food dishes, planting trees, and making their garden beautiful.
  • ¬†Society has supported each other in this pandemic very well.
  • Peace of mind has been gained through worshipping the god.
  • Children of this generation were able to obtain knowledge on mythology such as Ramayana and Mahabharata.
  • Students have upgraded themselves to online classes where they have started operating computers, laptops, and tablets.

These were some of the positives of 2020, these have changed the entire lifestyle of many people.


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