Online classes-my own experience – By Beesam Sai Ram

I experienced that online classes are so good. First, when I thought that online classes will start from tomorrow onwards I had been worried and I think that how to face tough situations in online classes because I don’t know more about the phone. first I want to ask a question. If you want to study on phone we get interested? No, because we are only interested in playing games on the phone. And our home will not be like a classroom.

But after some days I feel so happy about listening to online classes because I had got more time for studying my own and I have no tension for travelling a long distance to the school. These online classes were scheduled at a particularly short time then school schedule time. When I going to school I feel so stressed for carrying a load of books to the school. But when these online classes were started there is no tension to carry books.

In schools, we have to write all class works, home works, and project works etc in a short time so I was stressed to write all these. But when online classes were started I don’t want to stress. Compared to school classes, online classes is better for studying by own because we get so much peace for listening to online classes and these online classes were more convenient to me.

By taking online classes we can save our money and it makes every student concentrate on subjects. This online class helps to avoid indiscipline in the class and it makes everyone participate in discussions. By the online classes, we can learn independently. Online classes give freedom for learning and online education is less costly than school education.

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When I going to school there is only mental work all day but when I have taken online classes I had got so much free of time for physical work. By taking online classes improves the knowledge of students about the phone. Nowadays most of the children are affecting by backbone diseases due to a load of books but these online classes avoid all of these.

Compare to school classes online classes better because in school there is any member of students and each student have different types of doubts but there is no time to clarify the doubts. But in online classes, we can easily carry our doubts through the help of a phone. There are many more advantages in online classes but there is only one disadvantage that is every student would not have accessible money to buy the phone because in India there is more poverty.

In school, there are periods for every subject and it takes 45 minutes for completion. After completion of all periods, there is no time for more explanation regarding subjects. But in online classes, we get the opportunity of more explanation with the help of a phone.

Finally, I experienced so well for learning online classes and I experienced that online classes are an alternative method for studying.

I experienced this from online classes


Thank you for giving this opportunity for writing an article about my experience in online classes.

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