My Experience in Online Classes as a Student – by Harini Gottumukkala

Last year the government announced there would be a lockdown. Every student was excited. Lucky for me I got to skip my last 2 exams. Too bad I didn’t realize how different my life would be…

Because of quarantine, I had the longest summer break I ever had. I was supposed to go to a new school. My first day was virtual. I saw all my teachers and classmate’s faces through blurry pixels. Normally as a new student, you would be anxious and wonder what everyone thinks of you. Or you’re confident and wonder how pathetic everyone feels in your godly presence (or maybe you just have a big ego).

But since I didn’t have to be there in real life I was more confident enough to share more things about myself. Pretty soon after about a week, I felt like I knew my class as if I have been with them for years. I could tell their personalities from the circle profile pictures they hid behind in Google Meet.  It was easier for me to participate more in class since I didn’t have to show my face. Also, I may or may not have gone to class in my pyjamas (shhh don’t tell anyone). It will be easier going to school because I know who everyone is.

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From my perspective, online lessons have been easier for my parents. My mother doesn’t have to worry about making my lunch box in the morning. My parents don’t have to miss me because I know how much they love seeing me 24/7 (i was being sarcastic if you didn’t pick up on that). My father doesn’t have to drive me to school in case I miss the bus.

But there are still many disadvantages. I don’t get to meet my classmates. Being on the computer hurts my eyes. We spend 7 hours a day during classes and the homework is also given on the laptop which means I have to spend more hours.

The school doesn’t feel the same anymore. Since we are spending school hours at home the weekends don’t feel that special. Even Dussehra Holidays just felt the same but without going on the laptop. It makes me feel sad that I can’t see my friends. But I’m also glad I can easily Google my questions if I have any work.

Everyone has a different experience. For some, they might hate online classes or love online classes. But this pandemic won’t end quickly. We might even have online classes next year. So no matter how we feel we are stuck with online classes. So deal with it.

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