During this unprecedented time of pandemic when the entire world was forced to shut down and almost came to a standstill, our principal and teachers came up with digital learning platform to ensure that students are not deprived of education in the current COVID-19 situation. Their exemplary efforts and adaptation to the new technology have made the learning interactive and effective.


Every aspect has its merits and demerits, so does online learning.


  • We are safe in our homes during this pandemic.
  • We have limited online classes, so have extra time which can be wisely spent on additional classes and other activities.
  • Online learning has made me more tech-savvy and I am now able to operate digital tools and gadgets more proficiently.
  • Teachers give some reference links for the topics covered online which help us to get a better understanding of the concepts.
  • We have become more disciplined as we need to join a class before time.
  • Online classes have made us more confident and perform things independently.
  • Since online classes are for limited hours, we are doing a lot of research ourselves, there is more clarity of thoughts and a zeal to learn new things have developed.
  • We continue to celebrate all our festivals, national holidays though we are unable to go to school.
  • Things we were doing in the classrooms, thanks to the online classes, we still can do at home like drawing, art and craft, competitions, dance, yoga etc.
  • Though at home, due to the online learning platform, we are still connected to our teachers and friends.
  • On a personal front, I did not know what my mother was doing 9.AM to 3.00 PM when I was at school. Now that I am home and have my classes online, have seen my mother taking care of everything right from household chores to our studies, this has built-in me more regards and respect for her.
  • On a lighter note, we save time to dress up in school uniform with plaits and travelling to school during the pandemic and stay away from the fears of COVID.

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  • Internet connectivity issue is the biggest hurdle in the smooth functioning of the class.
  • For a house like mine with 4 kids, and everyone has online classes, managing those many mobiles/laptops to accommodate everyone is challenging.
  • Fewer hours of online classes also result in all the topics not getting covered in depth.
  • Unwanted chats and interruptions during the class lead to distraction and focus issue.
  • The authenticity of online examinations is questionable as children can cheat or take help.
  • Constant exposure to mobiles and laptops affect physical and mental health, sore eyes, bad posture, neck and backache to name a few.
  • We end up feeling isolated.
  • Though there are few Yoga classes organized, they still not match up with the physical activities that take place in the school.
  • Learning in a classroom is more personal and interactive.


Online classes have proved to be a boon for all the enthusiastic learners which we would have been deprived of by not going to school during this pandemic. However, I am eagerly waiting for schools to re-open as I truly miss my loving and caring teachers, naughty friends, playground and all the fun that I had at school.

On a lighter note, I am ready to spend that extra time to dress up for school and travel, LOL (LOL learnt from chatting online.)


I would rate my overall experience in online classes as “GOOD”.

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