My own experience as a student for online classes by – Saanvi Kulkarni

As a student, I want to share my experience in online classes…


First of all our education system has changed to the online study due to this pandemic.


We- students, are listening to the classes online. The government has put up a very good idea to overcome Coronavirus and we are also gaining knowledge even though online.


Through this, we have many advantages and also disadvantages. But we are missing our school, friends and even interaction with teachers. We miss the group discussions…

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We are also missing the celebrations held in our school. The best advantage is that the child be independent and never talk with friends during class and by this, we can understand the topic perfectly. As my opinion students can develop many skills like Communication, Time management and also Organisational Skills. But according to me, online studies should not be meant for much time as the students may face some problems like eyesight, stress, headache and many more…


Mostly the students prefer online studies because they like the devices as they have many options. As a point, children listening online have comfort with many facilities. But the problem is for parents as they have to provide the gadget for many hours and nowadays electricity bill has increased which they have to pay. The big disadvantage is about the network problem…and power cuts… And finally my opinion is to continue the online structure till everything settles down



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