In this Pandemic, we all are suffering a great loss in our lives. One of the great losses is our Education system due to the spread of deadly Corona Virus. Schools have been closed since last few months and our Government chose online classes as the only way for students to continue their studies. I too think that online classes are the only way for us to continue our education these days. The use of technology in providing in education is awesome. Nowadays, online classes are held in zoom and Google meet applications.  I think these applications are providing Education to students with their electronic gadgets and helping a lot.

Online classes are so convenient and they take us to another world of knowledge. We can grasp knowledge from many web and android applications and interact with new people. Students after completion of the academic year like exams and results, we leave our studies apart and may forget everything studied. So, online classes help us to listen to classes and revise what has been taught and can recollect everything.  Today, every parent in the state may not afford to buy smartphones to their children. So, our government by keeping this pandemic situation in view now telecasts the classes through TSAT, Doordarshan and Yadadri channels.

Through online classes, we can text instead of writing everything in a book or on a piece of paper. Regarding studies, If we have any doubts, we can visit many related websites, watch videos, read contents and download the notes from the educational websites. Many online forums help us to clear our doubts. Online classes allow every student to interact with teachers through various applications virtually. Individual attention can also be taken care of by the teachers.  Online classes are also helping the parents to enhance the knowledge they already possess by getting themselves trained while teaching their children. Parents can also talk to the teachers about their wards academic progress from time to time. They can even monitor their performance online.

But, there are a few shortcomings that make it a disadvantage. Many students play online games, are active on social media betraying their parents. Online classes give us a chance of delaying. Online classes give students freedom more than they can handle. Because of online classes, students are continuously using electronic gadgets like smartphones, computer, laptop and accessories which can be a serious problem for their health. This creates inactivity in students. Continuous using of smartphones and laptops affect their eyes. And most of the students are not stable in regards to their mental health.

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Online classes require good time management and skills which may not be possible in all the students.

Therefore, as a student, I am having a great time with online classes. This includes many qualities like time management skills, being away from distractions, to be proactive, study regularly, Aware of Educational events and actively participate in all the educational competitions.

In this situation, online classes are not only safe but also helpful for the students.

But, all I come to understand in this pandemic is “ Neither Electronic gadget nor Internet,   No one can ever replace a Teacher’s role in a students’ life”. And I hope our governments take the best decisions to improve education system these days. I hope everything will be normal and fine as early as possible.

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