Online Classes-My Own experience as a Teacher – by GUNDARAM JYOTHI

In Telangana state Online classes over TV Channel -TSAT & DD SAPTHAGIRI started from September-2020 on TV is a wonderful and useful one for the students studying Telugu medium & English medium at Govt Schools.

Students after watching classes over the Tv will have to read textbooks prepare notes, try to solve worksheets online on a smartphone and can also clarify their subject doubts every Saturday on weekends with their concern teacher over a phone. But for my experience of online classes working as a teacher preparing E-class content, participating in zoo meeting classes, preparing worksheets on Google forms, preparing video class using WPS in preparing e-content along with ex – recorder, Kinemaster etc., is just like spending most of my time in preparing the E-Content over a smartphone or on a personal computer is really a hectic job which is new for me as well as experimental one & also involves only skilful work which increases my mental stress, eye strain, no physical activity and which also increase my physical weight because of less physical work & no Personal classroom interaction between me & my students.

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There is no blackboard work, no textbook reading discussion activity with my students and nil classroom activity with no students in the classroom & only teaching staff attending school for making video class in an empty classroom is too painful.

There is no personal interaction with my students to make my mood dull many times. online classes reduce teachers classroom work and teaching work & increase only phone/ computer work/paperwork. Most of the students during the online classes give less than 50% response, fewer efforts on a study to their teacher in online and least performance in the worksheets or preparation of the notes. Hope the Corona pandemic ends by 2021 in India with its vaccine and make available to all the people and the everything become to normal life once again.

Even the School teaching also becomes normal with Students and teacher in a classroom Teaching & learning can also become successful with personal classroom interaction.

Hope this becomes true & normal as earlier where the teacher can teach directly to the students then only school education in Indian society it will be more successful. As said rightly “future of the nation built in four walls of beautiful classrooms.”

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