My Own experiences as Student – by M. Abhiram

Today I would like to share my views about Online classes. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of online classes they are:


  • Online classes are the lamps in the darkness.
  • Wherever we are we can attend the classes. This is a wonderful aspect we should consider. If it is recorded we can listen to it several times as we wish to.
  • It’s like tuition to several students but since its virtual class, we feel the teacher is teaching only to us, which makes us more focussed & listen attentively.
  • Our parents can also observe what we are doing and how the classes are going on.
  • We will have much time to write and study at home.
  • Teachers can also teach us without any disturbance in online classes.
  • If we go to school in the middle of classes we make a disturbance to teachers, teachers will get exhausted managing us all of the days. But in online classes teachers will focus on each & every student.
  • We can spend time wisely as the time spent in commuting to school is avoided

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  • Not everyone can attend the classes as the children in villages do not have required infrastructure like Internet service, Laptop/Desktop/Smartphones to Connect to web & attend the Online classes.
  • Some students in remote areas have signal problems too
  • Some students will chat and play games while listening to the classes. There is a chance of misusing the mobile.

Hence I feel that face to face classes are very good instead of Online classes because if we go to school there will be Study environment around and also have physical activity by playing games.

So my opinion is face to face classes are much better than online classes.

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