Schooling in challenged COVID-19 – by R. Krishna Mohan

Introduction :

The very pandemic situation of the Covid -19 Era it is very difficult to move without high precautions.  As we know the 21st century is many difficulties on the human being the very dangerous virus spared all over the world.  The origin of media said to spread from China.

How Covid Spread fast during before and after Lockdown :

Due to unnecessary moving in the community without taking any minimum precautions and youth went to shire what is happening in the society, even warned government officials and police this is one of the most reason spreading Covid-19. And also not followed the minimum hygiene and sanitation in groups moving in society.

How to control Covid-19 :

“Necessity is the mother of invention” this very needs to save our valuable lives we must mandatory follow the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness of everyone by self, neighbours and community of their daily activities in highly precaution manner.

Everyone must follow government instructions strictly without fail of the following.

  1. a) Maintenance of Social Distance 6 feet from others.
  2. b) Wear always suitable cleanliness Mask Authorized by Government.
  3. c) Wash many times of our hands with soap or sanitizer with proper ways.
  4. d) Not to habit of spit on common places.
  5. e) Not to habit of shaking hands to meet others.
  6. f) Always take highly precaution methods for health of themselves by the people like hot water, hot food and take steaming (at least once a day).
  7. g) Always wear fresh clothes and maintain the house premises in and out very cleanliness about hygiene if any doubt about Covid symptoms goes to consult the doctor and take preventive medicines.

How the school Runs in Pandemic Situation :

The very important of this article the school now the very highly sensitive place of running schooling to children in Covid situation.  Why because children don’t have limitations of their physical and emotional expression.

For this, we have to take some suitable and hygienic conditions to save school children’s health and life’s. For facing this Covid situation we must do the Covid Test every student and every teacher also.  Later we must give suitable highly precautions to each student for the smooth going of schooling of daily.

We must give proper instructions and suggestions in the daily assembly of the class itself by the class teacher.  The Head Master must look after the entire school environment and must take care of the health of students and teachers, must maintain the cleanliness and hygiene, sanitation of every premises of the school.  Must maintain wash station places with soap and towel and in toilets soap and running water mandatory.

The Head  Master and teachers must sanitize every place of school. At the entrance of the school, we must test the temperature of every student daily, and give the sanitizer for their hands.

On the Education continuation factor, the teaching-learning processes of the curriculum are minimized and follow government syllabus also.  Do any teaching-learning activities individually by the students only for the 1st year.  On step by step teaching-learning process and curriculum increases after one year.  Examinations also conducted two times only for this year.  Mostly in the oral method.

Maintain the school half-day session only.  The seating arrangement for the classroom must be 10 to 15 members with proper care.

Must give highly precaution and hygienic hot nutrition food to the students.

Engage the students every day for one hour in school indoor games only.  Twice a week conducting competitions like quiz, Debate, Essay writing, Drawing, Drama, Roleplay, Dialogue of relevant subjects of syllabus and curriculum.

A teacher must remove the fear of Covid-19 from the mindset of students.  The teacher must cultivate healthy atmospheric classroom of exhibiting new teaching-learning material demonstrated in the classroom is mandatory.  Must guide every student to participate in the teaching-learning process.  The teacher encourages the students to face not only the situation of present Covid-19 and also any coming viruses in future.  Must habituate by the students reading stories, poems and rhymes relevant to the subject.

Finally, the school look like a safe place for students. Develop the school garden.

On the conclusion of this article, every student must come to the school joyfully and develop emotionally and physically fit to present situation.

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