How to run schools in this pandemic situation – by Deepthi Priya

Schools can be run in this pandemic situation with the coordination of all of us. Mainly to run schools it’s important to see that all the students, teachers and school staff follow precautions and norms. Here the main role should be played by teachers to make sure everyone follow the precautions and safety measures.


The precautions and covid norms are to be searched and spread awareness by teachers.

   Students should get parent allowance letter from parents as their parents are willing to send them to school and students should be allowed to school if they get that letter.


Every school must follow the following:

  • Social distancing at school in every place.
  • Mask and sanitizer by every student.
  • Sanitize schools every day.
  • Disinfecting toilets regularly.
  • Not forcing students to attend school.
  • Take proper actions if students or teachers appear sick.
  • Avoid assemblies and meetings
  • Encourage students not gathering in the Playground to play games.
  • Each day 1 class should get accommodation in all classrooms.
  • A full day is good to be taken than half-day schools, it helps students to gain knowledge and reduces their efforts to come to school.
  • Students and teachers should bring their lunch and eat at school by following physical distancing.
  • Each sanitizer bottle should be provided in every classroom.
  • Mask wearing in schools is compulsory and dispose of used marks in specified bins safely.
  • It’s better if schools are run with 8th,9th, and 10th students and the awareness should be created in a fun manner like remainders or posters on walls, notice boards etc.


    The important key role plays in identifying covid-19 symptoms:

  • There should be an ANM to every school to take care of students and teachers.
  • There should be proper protection to workers and peons who maintain hygiene in schools, they should be provided PPE kits.
  • When any student is sick, proper care and medical attention should be taken immediately, permit leave for them and provide online learning.


Running schools in this pandemic situation is a big task but it’s easy if we go with us and with everyone’s coordination.

Precautions and norms are mainly important to be followed by students, teachers and all staff. Sanitation and identification of covid-19 symptoms play a vital role. Hence with the support of parents students can come to school and the schools can run taking the responsibility.

       The schools can run the basis of every point taking into consideration in this pandemic situation.

    “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”

   With this education, we can run school’s in a better and best way.

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