Running Schools in this Pandemic Situation by Dandu Lohitha

Nowadays, all children are attending online classes instead of going to school. It is due to the pandemic active in the present world. For six months, the government didn’t decide to give any announcement regarding the re-opening of schools. Many students are in trouble to attend online classes due to the following reasons:

  • Due to financial issues, they couldn’t afford to buy electronic gadgets.
  •  Network issues
  • Schools that can’t support online Education.
  • Lack of interaction between students and teachers.
  • Lack of interest in students
  • Some of them do not take it seriously and divert themselves to social media, entertaining shows, etc

As this plight is the life-threatening government is unable to make a move and make decisions that affect kids and children. Some schools tried re-opening the schools but the outcome was very severe that they immediately closed them.

Following the below precautions may help reduce to face the pandemic:


  • The arrangements in such a way that the space between the two students is one meter.
  • The desks should also be placed at, at least 3 feet distance.
  • If possible, prepare the desks for only one person to sit.
  • Strictly prohibit the students to roam, sit, and play in groups during breaks.


  • At the entrance into the school, the student’s temperature should be monitored and sanitizer should be provided.
  •  Make the children wash their hands before eating and after eating with handwash for at least 20secs.
  • Students must sanitize their hands repeatedly.
  • Covering their face with masks should become a mandatory principle.
  • Canteens in the schools must provide hot and healthy food for the students.


  • Students can be divided into batches and are allowed to school alternately.
  • A class should not be packed with students. (Very limited students up to 20 should be the range.)
  • Ventilation should be maximum. Fresh air and Sunlight (the main source of vitamin D) should enter the room.
  • Teachers should also attend the school in the maximum number as they can take several classes at a time.


  • The management should strictly follow to disinfect classrooms after every period of the schedule.
  • Along with the classrooms, they also clean the desks and the tables in school.


  • Take the student to a separate room where there is proper ventilation and immediate nurse should be available.
  • Treat the student to know his/her symptoms. If symptoms like cold, cough, headache and fever appear to isolate him and inform their parents.
  • Disinfect and sanitize the room.
  • Observe the student for 24-hours.
  • Encourage the student to stay isolated and stay stress-free.

These are some of the instructions that every school must follow to run the schools safely.


There are many people, especially teachers struggling to make their students utilise these days. Some of them also made websites for their students based on their syllabus and academic year with a lot of content and great explanation by their staff. This produces a change in the pupils to acquire more information. These websites are free and every student can utilise it at the most.






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