School education in a pandemic situation – by Mehera Sharma

Just arrived was the new year,

We were looking forward

For exams with fear,

Suddenly some new words

Like, covid, lockdown, mask, social distancing

Struck our ears…


The outbreak of CoronaVirus or covid 19 has become a big hurdle in the procurement of the educational needs of students. Being a student I strongly feel that reopening of schools is needed but when you see the circumstances with the eyes of parents, you understand the problem is health. As health always comes first. Just think how parents will send their dear children to school where they have a risk of losing a life. Just think, how will the parents accept to see their dear children suffering, just think if children got infected will the parents like to leave their children alone in isolation in a quarantine centre.

And what if,

unexpectedly they lose their dear kids, this the only fear why parents are contradicting the fact of reopening of schools.

Then how to run schools in a pandemic situation is the question that arises in the mind. I believe there are two ways of providing education to students.

Online education

  • Online classes are only the one-stop solution to obtain education from the safety of our home.
  • Online education is removing obstructions arisen due to covid.
  • Online education is filling the gap between the educator and students at the time of social distancing.

And another way is only for extremely enthusiastic students with low facilities

Reopening of schools only for needy.

  • This is being implemented in some places.
  • This reopening of schools is the option for those children who are not having proper facilities.
  • But there are strict conditions that schools must hook or cook, follow the safety norms strictly with no negligence.
  • The entire school must be sanitized daily.
  • Temperature and oxygen levels must be checked while entering the school.
  • In class also social distancing must be obeyed.
  • Schools must work for half a day so that students do not carry tiffins with them.

The option is possible only if the rules are strictly followed, even by the schools and by the students.      The covid positive cases are increasing every day and the number is enormous, so in my point of view, going to school is always a second option, for now, priorly one must-see for the access of online education and even the schools must stick on the same point, I feel.

This is the period when we have to maintain a balance between Health and Education.

Because health and education are the only true wealth that a person can have……

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