Corona can’t stop Students learning – by Divya Pawar

Educating ourselves in this Corona pandemic moment plays an important role. From March 16th onwards government of India announced covid19 lockdown. Still, now schools and colleges not yet opened due to tremendous increase in the covid cases. Students are in the learning stage if this continues they will be disturbed and the chance of forgot of learned things. So learning should not be stopped by students for their academic year. This pandemic situation can’t stop the students study if government and students put efforts to continue learning. Teachers and parents must put efforts for the children study. They should motivate them in the process of practical study and online study.

Online studies in a pandemic

Students are participating classes in online. But 60% of the students are not even having a smartphone to listen to the classes and 40% of students not concentrating to listen to the class, This leads to the problem for the academic year. So every student must build their process for their study. The government should concentrate on the students who were not aware of the online classes. Locality students not even ready to continue their study because of unawareness about inline classes. So they are continuing farming and other family tradition works. Most of 1 2 the girl students are getting marriages and doing other household works because of this breakage of study.

Running schools as VLC’s (village learning centres)

Online classes in this pandemic moment play a crucial role. So We have to bring awareness about online classes, the government should work for producing better online classes and village learning centres are must implement in all localities.VLC ‘s should be improved for the local student classroom environment. Every VLC should work as a mini school till the end of this pandemic. The VLC’s must be with the minimum precautions those are wearing masks, using sanitizers and social distance. If these are implemented this leads to the school environment for the students so that they can understand the things. Schools also run with these precautions for the 10th class students. There is a source of VLC programmes for the student’s study. In some areas, this VLC ‘s are successfully running.

Because of the student’s interest and local youth motivation. If this continues in all the localities till the end of the pandemic, then all students will be safe from Corona and study breakage. If this continues at every student can easily ready for the upcoming examination. If it is not possible their chance of spoiling this academic year.

The VLC’s, online classes and school for 10th class students with proper maintenance of precautions of Corona like 2 3 wearing masks, social distance, using sanitizer leads to the successful academic year. The parents must encourage the children regarding their study, they should learn them all the morality and importance of study in this super technical world. For some days home and localities are schools, if this run successfully students can run their study. Students should be like an always learner at any situation that’s the spirit of real students.

Jai Hind

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