How to run the Schools in this Pandemic Situation -By Vishnu Priya

 In this pandemic the situation we can’t run the schools but, if needed the schools should be alert every minute and should take care of all facilities.

They should follow the rules given below:

1• Social distance

2•Health and hygiene

 3•Cleaning and disinfecting

4• Tips for the classroom setting

1• Social distance:

1•Maintain at least 1 meter between every desk and students.

2. Make students aware of touchings.

3. Make ensure that students are aware of touching others stationary.

4. Avoid the students gathering outside of schools.

2•Health and hygiene:

1. Hand washing is the best in this pandemic situation.

2. For every 15 minutes it is good to ring the bell for hand wash.

3. Test the students in the morning assembly.

3• Cleaning and disinfecting:

1. Every class should be sanitized every day.

2. students and teachers have to wear a mask.

3. students and teachers should maintain a pocket sanitizer.

4• Tips for classroom setting:

1. Every classroom should have only 20 students.

2.The school should be run only for half day.

3. The classes should have intervals so students can do their personals like sanitizing books and stationery.

If any student gets sick transform her/him to COVID-19 centre. Send the student to their house and should make facilities for the student so he/she can also attend the class from digital class. After a student gets alright make ensure that he/she does not have COVID.

  • Don’t think about false news about COVID. Get the news and read the news and think about COVID.
  • Give inspiration to students that they can have an interest in classes.
  • There should be a holiday for every 4 days.
  • At that time student should go to hospitals and check their health.
  • Teachers should conduct fun and interactive classes between students so that they can be some comfort.
  • Teachers should advise that students should eat healthy food. Students should be aware of other things.
  • Teachers should warn the students that mask and sanitizer are important.
  • Make videos on the precautions of COVID so that students can understand the situation and they can take care of themselves.
  • Plan songs to wear a mask.
  • Make students active so that they can be interactive.

Say to students that they should not listen to the false news because they will spread the news to class students and start thinking about the COVID.

 These are only for the higher schools.

Primary students can’t maintain these rules because they won’t understand the situation and they avoid the rules.

Schools should provide sanitizers and masks for everyone.

If these rules are run in schools the schools may run properly.

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