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Best Online Learning Sources and Courses to utilize lock down – by Rohith

Now at the current situation, we are facing a pandemic virus called COVID-19. And now we are allowed to stay at home without moving out and the government asked us to stay self-quarantined, and more than 80 per cent of the population is staying at home.

And now we have got enough time to upgrade our skills or to learn many new things in this lockdown we can also utilize lockdown to learn many new courses that we are or were interested in.

Almost all top platforms are now absolutely free in this lockdown period. On the other hand, we’ve got a great opportunity to work on the skill that we always wanted to build.

According to my research,

especially for freshers and beginners, the following skills are playing an important role for their skill growth:

  • Management
  • Skill development
  • Learning new things enthusiastically
  • Creativity
  • Analyzing

If we also browse to learn new things we also can go through all these skills.

Most of the people are going to very unique or common courses and creating tremendous projects some of them are:

  • Animation
  • Business Analytics
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Film Making
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photo Editing and many more…

If the people are well developed in certain courses the great companies and industries will hike people and provide them with a decent salary.

And for students, there are many platforms for online education like

If we come to the other section,

  • painting
  • gaming
  • technology
  • robotics etc.,

there are also some courses open for everyone at free of cost.

Not only digital marketing,

  • film making
  • web designing
  • UI/UX designing

apart from these all we can move to the entertainment section also in which the social media is at the top in entertaining people.

Types of ways to skill up in entertainments:

  • Gaming:

Many people are earning a good and decent salary also by entertaining people. If we take an example of gaming, many people are engaged in streaming games and are getting popular and earning a good name in society and everything else.

There are also some specific experts to train game streamers for free of cost.

  • Painting (or) Drawing:

If we had an interest in drawing or painting and we left due to some issues and if you want to continue it you can visit many online classes the professionals who teach drawing or painting as you wish.

  • Robotics:

In this modern world, every person is interested in robotics and especially students. They wanted to learn them but unfortunately, they cannot have them. But because of this lockdown, many of the robotics experts are free and are appointed as teachers in which they can guide and teach the learners for free.



So never try to quite in your life even when you face most difficulties.


Stay Safe, Stay Careful, And Stay Happy.


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