How to Reduce Stress during Exams? – by V Karthik

We see many students worry and feel stressed when there are examinations for them. A student is affected very much because of the stress during examinations. Exam stress of students during exams is something which makes a student, as well as his parents and teachers, also worry. When exams start, students start worrying about their progress in exams and don’t concentrate on what they study.

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There are many ways to reduce stress during exams. The best ones are:


  1. Be Free and don’t feel worried

Students everywhere worry and feel scared of exams. It is not be done, because it makes students’ concentration levels decrease and makes them scoreless marks. So, just be free and don’t be scared and worried about exams.

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  1. Do Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation help us to stimulate our brain and increase our levels of concentration. Doing Yoga postures during revision for exams can act as a break for us, making us feel more energized and refreshed. Breathing exercises during preparation or an exam can help us feel calm and clear.

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  1. Eating a good and balanced diet

We feel tempt when we see chips or chocolates, but we have to stop eating them during exams and eat a well-balanced diet to help us concentrate more on exams. Eating more junk food during exams will make you lethargic. You should also ensure that you eat a good diet before the exam.

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  1. Getting a good sleep

Cutting off your sleeping hours because of exams is not a good habit during exams. Sleeping late night will make you feel drowsy when you are writing exam. It’s not like you get more marks if you sleep a late-night during exams, but it is important to have a full night rest before exams.

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  1. Doing Combined Studies

Studying with friends help you to take breaks and do group discussions also helping your productivity during exam preparations. You may find that your work is being done even more efficiently if you study with your friends than that when you studied single.

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  1. Planning some post-exam trips and rewards

Planning any trips or party with friends or gifts can help us motivate ourselves during exams and will automatically make us concentrate on our exams. I also followed the same trick to score good marks during exams.

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  1. Avoiding bad habits during exams

There are some bad habits which students should avoid during exams. They are:

  • Eating Junk Food – This affects students health during exams and may affect his progress in examinations.
  • Not managing time properly – Time management is important for a student to score well in exams. They should not waste their time during exam preparations and should be cautious of exams.
  • Getting distracted for everything – Thinking that distractions can’t cause great loss during exams is not good. It will not leave time for students to prepare for their exams.
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These affect student’s progress drastically. So, a student should do whatever he/she can to avoid these bad habits.


  1. Take breaks during revision and find time for yourselves

Students should take breaks during exam revisions and should not keep on studying. They should find time for them and spend some time to make them feel free and will refresh them.

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These are the ways a student can relieve stress during exams and score good marks during exams. Practising these help students to progress well in exams.

These affect student’s progress drastically. So, a student should do whatever he/she can to avoid these bad habits.


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