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Examination stress!!! Lets reduce it…but how?? by Tinotendaishe Loveness Machemedze

examination stress students

Examination stress among students is something that one has to freak out about all the time they are writing examinations. Exam time is appearing and it always comes with untestable stress that one has to experience during writing the exams. A large number of people incorrectly judge and feel that their future can be dictated by the results of the exams they participate in, leading many students to place a huge amount of pressure on themselves as they would want to pass exceptionally. There are many factors that one can apply when writing exams to reduce the amount of stress.


One has to put positivity in practice all the time,

One should be perspective about everything when one creates a positive mind atmosphere it will not be hard for one to overcome all the exam stress as they believe that they can still do it no matter the amount of stuff they have to know before they get it in an examination. You should believe in yourself that you can do it.


One has to practice some good habits that assist in increasing the concentration levels

These include hydrating yourself regularly to keep your mind active, eating well and healthy as you will need the energy to study and think as the brain will be at its highest level of work. One should have a time of the day that they feel comfortable studying when the brain is more active not when it is tired. You to engage in frequent breaks when studying as the human brain cannot go for so long active to keep everything in the brain you will need some rest to ensure that it absorbs everything you have been studying. Good posture when studying is good for your body ensuring that you are not straining any part of the body. One should do some activities like exercising not just be stuck in books but also do something fun outdoor activity this can help you reduce all the exam stress.

To add on,

students should avoid all the bad habits

like making a ridiculous target of goals that you might not be able to get which will later disappoint you when you get back your results, therefore, one should make realistic goals that can be achieved. Always try to keep calm during exam time, do not panic as this might affect your understanding and answering of exam questions causing confusion leading to failure of exams.

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More so,

the other factors

that can contribute to the lowering of stress during the exam period are compared with your friends when revising causing you to panic.

When you feel like you are being stressed about exams get someone to talk to about everything it will help.

When studying one should make a study timetable and ensure that you study everything you are expected to know that is one can use the course guideline. You can study in advance to reduce the pressure during the exams when you have a lot of things to study, one should practice all these to reduce exam pressure.


take some time alone

as this reduces tensions and anxiety that can be high due to exam stress. Take part in some activities like meditation as this increases memory and focus. After achieving something reward yourself as this motivates you to keep on working hard and it also keeps your morale high.

Practicing all these can help you to reduce your stress levels and still achieve good grades or marks.

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