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Importance of Grandparents in our Life – by Rohit Ryna

We all know the importance of our parents in our life very well. But we don’t know the proper importance of our own grandparents in our life, and how are they useful in our life?


Actually, grandparents play a crucial role in our life also in our society. They are the most experienced ones and:

  • Grandparents teach their grandchildren how to behave towards their strangers, neighbors, friends, elders, relatives and many others.

  • They are the backbone of our Indian culture and tradition. They inherit the tradition and culture of our country from one generation of children to another generation of children.

  • If we are poor at something, they are the first who will be with us to support and encourage us to get triumph over it because they teach us each and every small thing.

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Giving Importance to Grandparents

Children nowadays listen to the words of their grandparents more than their own parents, because they say children in a lovable and positive manner where children obey their words immediately and also they have a great amount of experience on how to deal with others.


Grandparents amiable

They are very amiable, especially towards children. They deal very smart and wise towards naughty children and train our parents on how to deal with naughty children.


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Lifetime Opportunity

Having grandparents is a very lucky opportunity given by God to us they teach values and ethics – every child should know it. They teach only positive morals even from negative acts. They are like a good book in our life, who gives us a moral of correcting our lifestyle from indiscipline and improper life to discipline and proper life. Grandparents pursue a dark sky life to make us a significant and bright like a moon just like our parents.


Sharing Experiences

They faced a lot of difficulties in their life and teach their grandchildren how to face the same kind of problems in their future with courage and bravery. Grandparents should be with their children, especially with their grandchildren.



When grandparents were at the age of parents they have a very good and kind heart they help everyone who is in a critical position and weaken by problems without any hesitation.

These type situations can be explained by grandparents to grandchildren to influence the good and kind heart to them which affects the society and make society selfish less.


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