I Love My Family – Importance of Family in Life by Gunavardhini Dandu

A family gives us many meanings such as a group consisting of parents and their children; a group of people related by blood or marriage; all the descendants of a common ancestor but all the meanings are similar to each other. Family is the word that joins loved people. One who has a family is the luckiest person. Every member of the family is unique in their personality but the common thing among everybody is only the unbiased love they show towards each other. In a family, the children are protected and given emotional and financial support.



A family is connected by the relationships among people and are termed as parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunt, uncle, etc. There are two types of families: the JOINT family and the NUCLEAR family.


In a joint family, several generations live together (Parents, grandfather, grandmother, and their children live together under one roof). Earlier joints families were quite common but today they are an exception. In a joint family, the workload is shared among the members. In most cases, the parents work and take care of the financial needs, the grandparents and the elder children either go to school or help in the households or the fields.

nuclear family is also termed as an elementary family consists of 3-4 members who include parents and their children.

No matter what type of family it is, it surely contains extreme love, care, support, and trust. One can consider their own family as their backbone. Every person in the family supports each other in their hard times.


Mine is a joint family. I feel very blessed having such a caring and supportive family in my life. I love my family.


Family plays a significant role in one’s life. The family gives us a lot of valuable things and intense feelings which are the most precious gifts of our lives that are uncountable. Such few things are:


Children obtain unconditional love from their parents in the family. They acquire the most beautiful emotions from their loved ones in any situation.


A person during his bad break gets at most support from his family. The family stands as pillars for the sake of their beloved ones in any situation.


Parents take at most care of their kids from their birth. They secure their babies from very little harm.



The elders of the family always encourage their younger ones when they are depressed or feeling low in their work. Family boost up the energy of their children as and when required.



The little ones in the family mostly spend their time with their parents. This is their most valuable time spent with their family. When the whole family is together entertainment is the only word that is said, heard, and felt.




Both the above words describe the same: a feeling of great pleasure. One can have a lot of fun with their family members. In my boring time of the day, I hang out with my family by playing carroms, ludo, chess, badminton, helping my parents in their daily routines such as gardening, cleaning, etc. All these give me immense joy and happiness.




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