Duty of a citizen in a situation like Corona by Lohitha Dandu

Presently, the Earth is suffering from COVID-19. Many people around the world are losing their lives due to this disease. Especially countries like the USA, Spain, Italy, China, and France. So, the State and Central Governments are trying their level best to educate the people about the situation. They were providing the groceries to the people and being very helpful to the needy people. As they were no jobs and work for the people much money is provided by them. The role of government is very appreciable. But few people are not following the rules of the government. At this time the citizens of the country should be helpful to the government. Now I would like to share a few duties of citizens in a situation like CORONA.


  • Care the Needy

From the days when the COVID-19 got spread, the government is much helpful to the people of the country. So in this way citizens can also provide some needy things to the people. There is much poverty in the country. So, people can donate some amount of money to people and they work for their country.


  •   Go along with Ministry

In this present situation, the peoples’ support is a must for the government. They must follow the rules and regulations given by them.

If you see people who do not follow the rules, you must tell them and aware the people about the present situation and what’s happening to the people.


  • Support Charities

Many charities provide funds to the government. You may also give some money to them and they can provide some sanitary products to the poor people.

  • Put an end to Rumours in Social media

Do not share any fake news on social media. There has been much misinformation passing around the world about COVID-19. People may blindly believe the news and may follow that. By this, it may cause to them and also to our nation. So, the sincere request from the government is not to share a false statement to the people.

  • Stick to the precaution of COVID-19

We all know that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. So, following all the precautions given by the doctors can save the lives of the people from COVID-19. Maintaining self distance, putting the mask, sanitizing your hands, leaving home only at emergency, etc are the precautions for COVID-19.

  • Pay attention to the words of a police

Surviving their life on the roads by controlling the people. Not even bothering about their life and working for the people. They’re protecting the people and saving their lives. Proving that they are the real heroes of the country.


  • Be alert-Be safe

Must watch the daily news and be aware of the places where the COVID-19 got spread. Do not allow your children to go out. Love your neighbour.

Speak to your relatives and loved ones are they good and healthy. Care must be taken to your family members also. Do not feel tensed about this disease. Be strong and think positively that I can fight against COVID-19.


Photo by Hugo Jehanne on Unsplash

I request is that all the citizens of the country please stay at home and stay safe. Try to help our country people by donating food or money. Showing patriotism helps in becoming a successful person.


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