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How to Reduce Stress during Exams? – by V Karthik

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How to Reduce Stress during Exams? We see many students worry and feel stressed when there are examinations for them. A student is affected very much because of the stress during examinations. Exam stress of students during exams is something which makes a student, as well as his parents and teachers, also worry. When exams ….  Read More

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Examination stress!!! Lets reduce it…but how?? by Tinotendaishe Loveness Machemedze

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Examination stress!!! Let’s reduce it…but how?? Examination stress among students is something that one has to freak out about all the time they are writing examinations. Exam time is appearing and it always comes with untestable stress that one has to experience during writing the exams. A large number of people incorrectly judge and feel ….  Read More