How to Run Schools in this Pandemic Situation by – R.D. POORNA CHANDRA RAO



This is the year which has launched the historical revolution and changed the very lifestyle of millions and millions of people across hundreds of countries to take safety behind a very simple and affordable device called “FACE MASK”


COVID 19 also has initiated the importance of hygienic habit like hand washing. A very small microscopic organism has shaken the entire global population and imprisoned them in their own houses by way of “LOCKDOWN”


Physical/social distancing during the distribution of Mid-day meal

  • Methods of safe distribution can be employed by the schools which may include staggered distribution.
  • Physical/social distancing norms may be observed in the kitchen as well. No other person may be allowed in the kitchen except minimum essential staff. Cleanliness of the kitchen and its staff may be ensured.
  • Staggered timing for having midday meals to avoid crowding.
  • Detailed guidelines for Mid-day meal in schools are given in the following of these guidelines.
  • If possible, school bag for students of lower primary classes (I to V) may be discouraged. All the necessary learning material may be kept in the classroom.
  • Teachers to wear face covers/masks while correcting written assignments of students
  • Windows and doors of the classrooms and other rooms to be kept open for ventilation.


Implement Safe School Practices for safe arrival and departure of staff and students.


  • Physical/social distancing norms should be followed, both, during arrival and departure time, to and from school. Minimum 6 feet physical distance should be maintained when queuing up for entry and inside the school.
  • Students to attend schools on a rotation basis or alternate days or as per the schedule prepared by the school, as already mentioned.
  • Screening of all including staff members before entering the school without fail for fever/cough and breathlessness.
  • Self-monitoring of health by all and disclosure about any illness at the earliest to State and district helping and school authorities.
  • Children, parents and staff members having a mobile phone may be advised to download the Arogya Setu App.


Ensure safety norms in classrooms and other places.


  • Proper crowd management in the school as well as in outside premises shall be ensured.
  • Group activities in games, sports, music dance or other performing art classes may be allowed only if it is feasible to maintain physical distance and following health safety norms.


Making students’ stay safe in school


  • All students and staff to arrive at school wearing a face cover/mask and continue wearing it all through, especially when in class, or doing any activity in groups, such as eating in the mess, working in the laboratories or reading in the libraries.
  • Every child needs to learn how to cough or sneeze into a tissue or elbow and avoid touching face, eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • Sensitize all stakeholders in school about the ban on spitting.
  • Availability of necessary equipment like gloves, face cover/masks, hand washing soaps for sanitation staff/workers.


The school has served the real purpose of Pandemic in making the poor free from hunger by distributing dry ration. It stood by the poor when they lost their livelihood. It tried to reach the nook and corner of society wherever there is a learner. It gave them the courage to face the crisis.

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